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What is the name of the world’s oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat?
The Comet
The Constitution
The Lawrence

What is the study of fossils and dinosaurs called?

Which singer is pictured on a comic book?
Alan Jackson
Dolly Parton
Johnny Cash

Famous Battles

U.S. flag from 1812The National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution presents 1812: A Nation Emerges, npg.si.edu/exhibit/1812. Enjoy this art display featuring significant participants and events in our battles with the British. In Causes of War, discover why the war began, and get to know brilliant leaders such as James Madison, architect of the American Constitution. Did you know that a famous pirate played an important part in the war? Meet Jean Laffite, pirate-turned-patriot, in Land. Also, learn which famous painting Dolley Madison saved from a White House fire in Videos.

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Below the Surface

geologist examining rocksOneGeology Kids, onegeology.org/
, helps kids investigate geology around the world, from volcanoes to dinosaurs. Click on a character to get started. Vera will teach you about volcanoes and even transport you to the base of Mount Etna in Sicily. Did you know that lava erupting underwater is called “pillow lava”? Now meet Andreas and learn about fossils and dinosaurs. Try to guess the largest dinosaur fossil ever found. Move on to Earthquakes and you’ll be shocked when you see the map of the San Andreas Fault and its numerous fault lines.

Country Style

acoustic guitarPut on your dancing shoes, because you’ll be grooving to the music as you listen to and explore the history of country music at Dreaming My Dreams, countrymusic
. Begin in the 1960s and discover the decade’s music, famous instruments and awesome performances When Two Worlds Collide. Click on albums such as Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” and hear tunes that are still popular. Move on to Long-Haired Country Boys to discover the fiddle and the rowdy sound that remain in today’s country music. So Much Cooler Online highlights artists you’ll definitely recognize, such as Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.

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Under the Stars

One of my favorite pastimes is gazing up at the night sky. It’s amazing how many stars are visible once you escape the city lights. Even without a telescope, you can see thousands of stars. Depending on the time of day and year, and your location, you might be able to view planets, orbiting satellites, meteor showers or even the Milky Way galaxy. Find out what to expect in tonight’s sky at StarDate Online, stardate.org/nightsky.

Using a star map can help you locate constellations, and if you have a smartphone you can download free apps for stargazing. Google Sky Map is available for Android, and it uses your phone’s GPS and internal compass to display a map of the sky. Hold your phone up to the sky, and you’ll be able to see the constellations, planets and individual stars labeled. There are also astronomy apps for iPhone, such as Planets and SkyORB.

If it’s too cloudy or hazy out to stargaze, you can explore the stars at home with Google Sky, google.com/sky. Have a stellar time!



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