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What does FPG-9 stand for?
Fancy plastic glider, version 9
Fast-paced glider, style 9
Foam plate glider, 9-inch

What profession involves working as a scientist, investigator and artist?
Art historian

How do you say “black cat” in French?
Chat noir
Zwarte kat
Gato negro

Flight School

space shuttlePilots, start your engines at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Flight Adventure’s Flight School, childrensmuseum.org/csi/
. Begin your adventure in Flight School and learn to fly an FPG-9. Discover how adjusting the elevons and the rudder determine whether the glider will Yaw, Pitch or Roll. Now it’s time to Fly Your Glider and record your results on the Flight Research Card. Once you have mastered the tests, you are ready for a Flight Challenge. If you think you are up to it, choose a Flight Mission to earn your wings.

Play Country Toad
Country Toad

Ancient Mystery

lion statueThe Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s Studio 33, nelson-atkins.org/studio33/
, takes you into the Lion’s Den to view reconstruction of an ancient work of art. More than 2,300 years ago, a beautiful sculpted lion guarded a Greek cemetery. Can you imagine assembling a puzzle whose pieces weigh thousands of pounds? That is what conservators tackled when they discovered the sculpture’s support materials had rusted, causing cracks. From the 1993 Discovery to Reassembly, see stunning photographs and video of the amazing process.


girl wavingLearn a bit of French at the University of Manchester’s interactive French class, www.childrensuniversity.
. Camille and Pierre teach you to introduce yourself and pronounce colors, numbers, animals and body parts in Part 1: Moi. Click the cupcake flashcards to see your age in French. See which color is spelled exactly the same in English. Part 2: Ma Vie presents a bigger challenge as you try to identify different foods. Find out if your hobbies are similar to kids in France as you click around the room in Les Passe-temps. Find missing words in Ma Vie Wordsearch.

Speak Out

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Step It Up

We all know it’s important to exercise, but do you know how much you need? Children and teens should exercise an hour every day to stay fit. If you want to track your steps with a pedometer, girls need 11,000 steps per day, and boys should aim for 13,000 steps per day. This might sound like a lot, but all your physical activities for the day add up quickly. Phys ed and playing sports are easy ways to get exercise before you head home from school. To get a workout at home, ride your bike around the neighborhood, play active games like tag with friends, or offer to take the family dog for a walk. For more ideas to make exercise fun, check out these sites:

Let’s Move! Get Active

Pedometer Log It Walk Across the United States

BAM! Body and Mind Physical Activity



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