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In what year did Ferdinand Magellan discover Magellanic penguins?

Which famous actress is featured in
Paper Dolls?
Marilyn Monroe
Judy Garland
Shirley Temple

Which sport does McKenna play?

Cool Creatures

nautilusThe Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Animal Guide, monterey
, is a stunning display of photographs and fascinating information about marine life. In Birds you’ll find the horned puffin, which can carry an amazing number of fish in its beak. Can you guess how many? Scroll down to Cool Facts to find out. One Marine Mammal uses its chest as a table and has pockets in its coat. Can you find it? Explore the aquarium, and don’t forget to download your favorite images as wallpaper, then listen to a podcast to learn more.

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Play at the Museum

rider on horseThe National Museum of Play presents Fun & Games, museumofplay.org/fun-games, a collection of online games based on board games popular in the 1800s. Baseball takes on a new spin as you click the dice to roll and take your turn at bat. Inspired by a baseball board game from the 1890s, the action unfolds to the announcer’s play-by-play. Gallop around the track at top speed in The Derby Steeple Chase, modeled after great horse races in 1888. You are author and illustrator in Story Magic, choosing backgrounds and characters, then writing a story to print later.

Fun for Girls

American Girl JosefinaPlay@American Girl, americangirl.com/
, with a collection of games and activities that will help you connect with your favorite characters online. Use Cover Creator to become a star on the American Girl magazine’s cover. Take a weekly poll, then explore the To Do list to find games, snacks and money makers you can enjoy at home. Feeling inspired? Send in your ideas! Now it’s playtime; you and your friends will have hours of fun with dozens of online games. Finally, download free Apps featuring your favorite characters and visit E-Card Central to brighten someone’s day.

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The Art of Math

Math is beautiful! If you don’t believe me, take a look at the artwork of M.C. Escher. Many of his works incorporate mathematical concepts, such as symmetry and polyhedra. He even used his knowledge of geometry to create impossible scenes that look convincing but cannot actually exist. One of my favorites is Relativity, which features a building filled with perplexing staircases. You can view Escher’s art online at mcescher.com/Gallery/
. If you would like to learn more about the math behind Escher’s works, visit mathacademy.com/pr/minitext/Escher.

Many other artists use math, whether they realize it or not. For example, photographers use geometry when deciding on the composition of a photograph. Did you know that music relies on math? Musical notes are divided into different lengths, such as whole notes, half notes and quarter notes. It’s fractions in action! Other examples of math in music include tuning the strings or keys of an instrument and patterns in the rhythm of a song. See if you can hear the math in your favorite songs.



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