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Which four fundamental forces hold the universe together?
Gravity, electric, magnetic and friction
Normal, gravity, electromagnetic and elastic
Strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravity

Which two elements make up paint?
Water and dye
Pigment and binding medium
Wax and color

What were the short pants men wore called?

Cosmic Adventures

nebulaThe Universe Adventure,
universeadventure.org, is a cosmic journey through the galaxy we call home. Begin with Fundamentals, exploring the Ancient and Modern Universe. Can you guess how many years it takes for light to reach us? Find out in Down the Rabbit Hole: At the Speed of Light. In Evidence: Movement of Galaxies, you can watch presentations of scientific concepts and download experiments to do at home, such as Classroom Cosmology: Accelerating Expansion. Challenge yourself with quizzes on the galaxy in Cosmic Conundrums.

Play Dirt Bike Proportions
Dirt Bike Proportions

Masterpiece Unveiled

paint palate and brushesKansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art presents Monet’s Water Lilies, interact.nelson-atkins.org/
, a detailed study of a masterpiece. Painting Detail lets you study the artist’s brushwork in a series of vivid close-ups. View the rich textures and read about his techniques, then move on to Monet’s Colors. Microscopic photos allow us to see the pigments Monet used in his work. Now it’s time for you to Paint Like Monet. You may find inspiration in natural images or choose a blank canvas to start. Once you are finished, Save your painting and view it in the Gallery.

Gallery of Fashion

coatColonial Williamsburg Museums highlight three centuries of fashion in an online exhibit called Historic Threads, history.org/history/museums/
. Have you ever wondered what clothes were considered fashionable in the 1700s and 1800s? For instance, men wore stockings with their suits, and shoes were made of wood, silk and cloth. The intricate embroidery in gowns worn for special occasions centuries ago reflects styles seen in wedding gowns today. Can you spot the similarities? Scroll through beautiful photographs and read about the materials used for clothing and accessories of the past.

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Dear Amy: Why do search engines sometimes pop up with viruses? — Drew, Plantation, Fla.

Dear Drew: Not every place on the Web is safe, and some sites listed in search engine results are infected with viruses or spyware. Most search engines cannot tell if a site is dangerous, but Google flags malicious sites and will warn users if they attempt to visit an infected website. Although these warnings can be helpful, they aren’t foolproof. You should always have antivirus software on your computer.

Computers that are infected with a virus might do weird things like redirect the browser when searching from a toolbar, or bombard the user with unwanted pop-ups. If your computer is behaving strangely, be sure to do a virus scan right away and run scans regularly to keep your computer safe. You can download free antivirus software from Comodo, comodo.com/products/free-products.php, or AVG, free.avg.com.

Following simple rules, such as never opening emails from people you don’t know and downloading files only from trusted sites, can help prevent viruses. To learn more about viruses and spyware, visit computerhope.com/issues/



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