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Why do we sneeze?
Because of a muscle spasm
To get rid of germs, pollen, pet dander and smoke
To clear out unwanted odors from your nose

What is the state marine animal of
Humpback whale
Leatherback sea turtle
Bottlenose dolphin

Which way should your ceiling fan turn in the summer?
It doesn't matter

Why Do Our Teeth Chatter?

Dr. BordelonThe Body Explained, bioedonline.org/body-explained, is a collection of entertaining videos starring anatomy expert Professor Cassius Bordelon of the Baylor College of Medicine. Find answers to common questions about how your body works. For example, what makes our teeth chatter when we get cold? Watch the video to discover the “chilling” facts! There are all kinds of ways to get rid of hiccups, but have you ever thought about what causes them? That mystery is explained, as well as the link between Mary Poppins and the surefire cure for hiccups.

Play Drag Race Division
Drag Race Division

I Never Knew That!

state mapState Facts for Students, census.gov/schools/facts, is an awesome resource from the United States Census Bureau. Whether you are doing a project or are just curious about population, government or economics, interesting facts are only a click away. Can you guess which state’s sport is dog mushing, or which state’s official fossil is the stegosaurus? You’ll find lots of facts to dig up here. If roller coasters are your idea of fun, you might look up which state has the most amusement parks. But guess what? Some states have none!

Save the Planet!

The LoraxEnergy Star Kids, energystar.gov/
, know that the planet needs our help! Your Planet Needs You is an interactive, animated look at all types and sources of energy. Begin there and explore the world as you learn about global warming. You Can Make Big Changes takes you on a virtual tour of your own room to find ways to start saving energy at home. Meet the Energy Stars, including Laptop Larry, Teley and Celine Fannagan, to find out how best to use these items at home. Once you become an energy expert, Join the Lorax to play fun games!

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What is your favorite sea creature?

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Take the Challenge

The start of a new school year is a great time to make positive changes, whether you want to improve your grades or make a difference in the world. If you’re interested in helping the environment, there are many competitions available to schools that focus on environmental sustainability. Classrooms across the United States are making their schools and communities “greener” places. Visit these websites to read the inspiring stories from winning schools and find out how to get involved. Your school could even win some cool prizes!

Siemens’ We Can Change the World Challenge

Cool School Challenge

Disney Planet Challenge



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