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What is a green screen?
A color correction filter
A process used for animating cartoons
A film technique that allows you to add backgrounds

Who made the chief’s headdress showcased in the Infinity of Nations exhibit?
Chief Iron Bull
Chief Holds-the-Enemy
Chief Willie Seaweed

What is the liftoff weight of the Atlas V?
544,100 pounds
737,400 pounds
972,300 pounds


WordGirlCartoon Studio, pbskids.org/
, is a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite animated shows. Arthur and WordGirl are fun to watch, but how would you like to create your own cartoon? First, Build a Character with colors, clothes and facial features. Once you have a character, use the animation features in Make a Cartoon to add scenes, props, characters and movement. When you’re done, you can watch your show. Tips and tricks will improve your technique. Learn from the experts How Your Favorite Cartoons Are Made.

Play Giraffe Dash
Giraffe Dash

Indian Nations

boxelder bugThe Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian presents Collections Search, nmai.si.edu/search
, a colorful display of artifacts of American Indian people, culture and art. Explore Collection Highlights and visit the Infinity of Nations exhibit to see a beautifully carved pipe bowl in the form of a ship and a chief’s headdress representing a killer whale. The Bears exhibit has figurines, games, household items and prints, all with a common theme. This is a great site to find images to enhance a research project.

Launch Into Orbit

rocket launchBuild and Launch a virtual NASA spacecraft at Rocket Science 101, nasa.gov/external
. Each component of a rocket serves an important purpose. Learn about each piece as you build your rocket, then launch it to see a graphic display of a mission. The drop launch in the Pegasus rocket is a roller coaster ride – you will be amazed at how this advanced piece of technology propels into the air as many of its parts do their jobs and then drop off. The Delta II is among the most reliable rockets and has successfully launched three Mars rovers and a NASA observatory.

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Who is your favorite cartoon character? Why?

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Dear Amy: I need extra help in school, especially math. Are there any websites that can help? — Elizabeth, Las Vegas, Nev.

Dear Elizabeth: One of my favorite websites for online learning is Khan Academy, khanacademy.org. This site has thousands of videos that explain concepts in math, science, history and more. Mouse over Watch, then choose a subject and get started. The Practice section lets you try out what you’ve learned in a variety of math exercises, with topics ranging in difficulty from simple addition to calculus. If you want to track your progress, you can sign up for a free account with a parent’s permission. This is definitely one site you’ll want to keep using through high school and beyond.

Another great place to get math help is Ask Dr. Math, mathforum.org/dr.
. You can search the archive for questions answered by Dr. Math, or browse by school level and topic. If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can always write to Dr. Math.

For more homework resources, check out BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper at bjpinchbeck.com. You’ll find links for every school subject — even health and P.E.!



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