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What are the three R’s of waste management?
Reimagine, reinvent, recreate
Reasonable, realistic recycling
Reduce, reuse, recycle

Which period is thought to be the golden age of large dinosaurs?
Triassic period
Cretaceous period
Jurassic period

Maine’s earliest inhabitants were descendants of whom?
Viking sailors
Ice age hunters
Colonists from Plymouth

Explore the Environment

Kids holding hands around worldNIEHS Kids, kids.niehs.nih.
, is solving the mystery of how the environment affects our health. In Natural World, visit Home Planet Earth and try the Climates of the World challenge, then create a model environment and make a sundial. Be sure to check the column on the right for Other Stuff You Might Like. Scientific Kids is the place to see how kids can be scientists, too — learn to build a model of your lungs or make your own jumping frog game. Fun & Games entertains with optical illusions, jokes, brainteasers and puzzles.

Play Dolphin Dash
Dolphin Dash

Ancient Creatures

BelemniteMy Learning’s Fossils Game, mylearning.org/fossils-game/interactive/2402, is an interactive voyage that begins 440 million years ago. Have you ever wondered about the Earth’s first creatures? Travel through time in the Journey and learn about ancient sea and land animals. Each step of this site has a challenge you must complete before moving forward. Build a trilobite in the Silurian Period. Save as many crinoids as you can in the Carboniferous Period. Invent and name a dinosaur in the Jurassic Period. In Resources, play the Fossils Card Game and find out how fossils are made.

The Pine Tree State

Chickadee on a pine branchDiscover what the Ice Age, the last glacier and the Pine Tree State have in common at the Maine Secretary of State Kids’ Page, maine.gov/sos/kids. All About Maine shares a Detailed History of Maine with interesting facts that will entertain you and your friends. Did you know that there are more than 2,000 islands off the coast of Maine? Pay close attention to what you are reading before you move on to Fun and Games, because you’ll need clues from the site to unscramble the words in the Chickadee Club Jumble. Then see if you can guess what the license plates say in the Vanity Plate Game.

Speak Out

What is your favorite dinosaur? Why?

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Dear Amy: Do I have to learn HTML to build a website? — Chloe, Atlanta, Ga.

Dear Chloe: Online editing programs make it possible to build a website without any knowledge of HTML. However, if you want more control over how your website looks and want to add special features, you’ll need to learn HTML and CSS. A great place to start is the Web Arcade at Thimble, thimble.webmaker.org/en-US/webarcade. This set of mini-games makes learning HTML, CSS and Web design fun! Once you’ve completed these projects, you’ll be ready to start building your own site. Thimble allows you to create and host Web pages for free, or you can use another Web host. For tips on finding a great free Web host, visit free-webhosts.com/free-webhosting-article.php.

If you decide not to learn HTML, there are still many great options for building your own website. Weebly, weebly.com, has a simple drag-and-drop website builder and a variety of templates and features — all for free. Google Sites, sites.google.com, is another popular free option. Be sure to ask a parent for permission before signing up at any of these sites, and send me your new URL so I can check it out!



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