Week of August 19, 2012
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What is the robot’s name?

What was George Washington Carver’s most famous invention?
Synthetic marble
Vegetable dyes
Peanut butter

What does it mean if the heart is as light as a feather?
The deceased had lived according to moral standards
The deceased died of natural causes
The deceased would meet the gods

Reading Games

Oxford OwlThe Oxford University Press presents The Barn, oxfordowl.co.uk/barn, fun reading activities for kids. Play with Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy and try to get four in a row in the Friendly Faces game. Are you a good speller? Use your word building skills as you Play with the Project X Team and test out the new Word Worm robot. Try not to hit an X-bot or you’ll be stopped in your tracks! Don’t forget to print out cool Coloring Pages and download fun bookmarks and door hangers in Fun Downloads. Find the perfect book at Oxford Owl’s library for fun summer reading.

Play Sailboat
Sailboat Subtraction

Innovative Science

robotThe Oregon Museum of Science and Industry presents Explore Technology, www.omsi.edu/tech, with activities to help you experience different technologies. Gain high-level clearance in Security Technology if you complete your mission at the Password Security Agency. Program your robot to navigate the obstacle course in Robotics & Computers, and once you’ve met the challenge try to Program a Friend at home! Make a stethoscope and learn how to see your own DNA in Medical Technology. Don’t forget to check out the inventions at the Vernier Technology Lab.

Mummies Unraveled

mummyIn Fascinating Eqyptian Mummies, mcq.org/momies, you can play games to learn about funerary rituals of ancient Egypt. Head into the Tomb first and see if you can guess the correct order of steps in mummification. Organs were carefully preserved in jars and entombed with the mummy. Try to place each in the right jar. Can you find out why the intricately designed Decorative Elements of the tombs were important? Once you succeed in the games you may enter the Sarcophagi Chamber, then add your mark to the sacred wall and download custom wallpaper.

Speak Out

Do you play sports? If so, which ones?

Speak Out Here!

Cast Your Ballot

Have you been following the U.S. presidential campaign? Even if you haven’t been watching or reading the news coverage, it’s not too late to get involved! U.S. citizens who are 18 or older have the right to vote, and exercising that right is an important way to make a difference both in your local community and at the national level. If you’re not old enough to vote, you can participate in a mock election at school or online to simulate the experience. Mock elections are a great way to practice researching candidates and deciding who deserves your vote. Check out these sites to learn about this year’s presidential race and how elections work:

Time for Kids: Election 2012

Kids Voting USA

Scholastic: Election 2012



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