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What are the two main types of glaciers?
Valley and continental
Arctic and antarctic
Mountain and plain

What does sunscreen prevent?
Infrared radiation
Ultraviolet radiation
X-Ray radiation

Which job combines shopping and math?
Fashion buyer
Runway model

Ice Stories

icefall on Mt. CookFind out All About Glaciers, nsidc.org/cryosphere/
, as you uncover incredible facts and photographs. Did you know that if all glacial ice melted, world sea levels would rise 230 feet? Read Facts About Glaciers to learn about the Little Ice Age and which glacier holds the record for fastest growth. See stunning photographs of the 11 types of glaciers in What Types Are There? Glaciers and Climate Change describes research that led to the surprising discovery of a 5,000-year-old “ice man” preserved in a glacier in the European Alps!

Play Turtle Dash
Turtle Dash

Sun Safety

SunGuard ManSunGuard Man, sunguardman.org, shows you how to be sun-safe this summer and keep your skin healthy. Battle those deadly UV Rays with sun protective gear as you play Ray-Zin-Noma Attacks the Ballpark. Be careful, it’s a race against the clock to win! Try to dodge ultraviolet rays as you fly through the air in Avoiding Ultraviolet. Are you up to the challenge? When you are ready to kick back and relax, watch the Adventures of SGM and learn all about safety in the sun. In Man of Action, SunGuard Man shows you how to stay safe on the beach.

Math Adventures

dog avatarMathMovesU, mathmovesu.com/
, makes solving math problems fun in an interactive environment. Design your own unique character, then select your math level to begin playing. Flash cards in each area of the site identify games, quizzes and activities. Walk to the baseball field and try to score a run to add 2,000 points to your scoreboard. Then move on to the Eiffel Tower and solve The Legend of Joule’s Jewels. You become the engineer at the Pythagorean Pavilion as you control the sound and lights to keep the crowd happy. Keep that Rockometer on green or you’ll lose this crowd!

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What is your favorite episode of the Adventures of SunGuard man? Why?

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Dear Amy: I’m really nervous about starting middle school soon. Do you have any tips? — Jamie, San Diego, Calif.

Dear Jamie: Moving up to middle school can seem scary because there are so many changes. The good news is that these changes aren’t a big deal, and you’ll probably get used to your new school quickly. The biggest difference between elementary school and middle school is that you’ll have a different teacher for each class period. One thing that can really help is using a planner to stay organized and keep track of your homework assignments. Be sure to write your class schedule in your planner in case you have trouble remembering it during the first few days.

Friends can make middle school fun, and you can help each other through the transition. You might end up at a different school than your current friends, but there will be plenty of other students who could be potential friends. You’ll still be able to hang out with your old friends outside of school, too. For more tips, check out Middle School Survival, scholastic.com/kids/
, and It’s My Life, pbskids.org/itsmylife/school/
. Have a great school year!



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