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What are the three parts of the ear?
Ear drum, anvil and stirrup
Auditory nerve, pinna and ear canal
Outer ear, middle ear and inner ear

What is radiant energy?
Energy that can move through empty space
Energy that comes from the electrons within atoms
Energy that moves objects from place to place

Along what river in Quebec would you find this virtual village?
St. Lawrence River
St. John River
La Grande River

Inside Your Mind

brainThe Children’s University of Manchester, www.childrens
, is an interactive learning adventure with games, animated videos and quizzes. The Brain controls everything your body does. Which part of your brain controls your personality? See if you can label the different parts in the Quiz. The Smell and Taste test will keep you guessing as you drag foods to the right places to see which part of the tongue enjoys a salty snack. Before your brain is full from all that information, do a word search and find the matching pairs.

Play Jet Ski Addition
Jet Ski Addition

Get That Guzzler!

The GuzzlerFind out how to save energy at Sustainable Energy, vectorsafety.co.nz/
. Easily create a report or project with cool facts from the For Kids section. Fun Tests will show if you Use Energy Efficiently at home. Did you know that most fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) were created millions of years ago? Learn about global warming and Make a Mini Greenhouse in Help the Environment. Stop the Guzzler before he grows too big in Games. Your driving skills are tested in Eco-Racer while you learn about renewable energy!

Quebec Quest

blacksmithThe Canadian Museum of Civilization presents a virtual late-19th century countryside village in Quebec in From Blacksmiths to Blackboards, civilization.
. Take a peek inside the Church and click on objects to see the real artifacts. Click on Village Buildings to visit the Blacksmith, the Tinsmith and the Shoemaker. You’ll need to know your way around the village to complete your Quest. Find the missing candlesticks, repair broken tools and secure help to catch a suspicious intruder. Clues provide the hints you need to solve the mystery.

Speak Out

What ancient profession
would you choose? Why?

Speak Out Here!

The Magic of Science

Have you ever seen a magician performing tricks at a show or on television? I still haven’t figured out how they do some of their seemingly impossible stunts, but it sure is fun to watch! If you want to try your hand at magic, there are many easy illusions and tricks you can do with science. Check out the Surfing Scientist, abc.net.au/science/surfingscientist/tricks, for experiments that will impress your friends and family. Put on a magic show at lunch by turning a straw wrapper into a wriggling worm or making a haunted straw move on its own. Once you’ve mastered these simple tricks, read “What’s going on?” to learn about the cool science that makes them work.

Also, be sure to visit PBS Kids ZOOM, pbskids.org/zoom/activities/phenom, for even more ways to fool your friends. These ideas were submitted from kids all over the United States and show you how to do a variety of clever tricks, from making a coin disappear in your hand to performing math magic with your address. See if you can come up with some magic tricks of your own!



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