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Where is the Barringer Meteor Crater?
New Mexico

How many official languages are in South Africa?

What year did New France transfer to Great Britain and Spain?

Space Games

PlutoScholastic’s Journey Into Space, teacher.scholastic.
, challenges you
to imagine living on another planet. In Level 1, compete in the Moon Olympics to see how gravity affects your ability to win. Parachuting, diving and skateboarding are much different on the moon — see if you can guess how. Once you’ve completed all the events, Investigate to learn awesome facts about each planet. Activate the Asteroids in Level 2 and try to find the right balance between speed and angle to crash an asteroid directly into the sun!

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Virtual Travel

girl in kimonoExplore and More Children’s Museum, exploreandmore.org/
, presents an exciting way to learn about world cultures through games, music and activities. Enter the Kids portal, pick South Africa and click the note on the map to hear a beautiful a capella song. Do you speak Spanish? Travel to Ecuador and learn the language in How Do I Say …? There are snacks in China that children like more than candy! Click the rice bowl to see what they are. Play the Memory Game to discover interesting facts about each image.

First Explorers

portraitThe Virtual Museum of New France, civilization.ca/virtual-museum-of-new-france, is a beautifully illustrated account of the adventures of explorers who discovered the new lands in North America. The Explorers start with Cartier’s voyage in 1534. Follow his journey on the live map, outlining the routes he traveled. Whale hunting was an important Economic Activity as early as the 11th century. You’ll be amazed by Sixteenth Century Basque Whaling Techniques. Traveling to a new world had its challenges: Daily Life describes what people of New France did for entertainment, food and shelter.

Speak Out

Where did you go on your
favorite family road trip?

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Free for All

There are lots of places online where you can download free stuff such as software, music, e-books and games. Unfortunately, not all of these sites are legal, and some of them could harm your computer with hidden viruses or spyware. You should download files only from trusted websites, and be sure to ask a parent for permission first. It’s also a good idea to scan downloaded files with an antivirus program. Here are a few of my favorite sites for finding free goodies online and tips for downloading safely:

CNET Download.com


Children’s Books Online: The Rosetta Project

Downloading Precautions


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