Week of June 3, 2012

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About how many people lack enough food in Africa?
2 million
20 million
200 million

Why did people build castles?
To defend the king’s territory
For protection in severe weather
To honor the king

What is your best friend when playing in the water?
A swimming buddy
A life jacket
A beach ball

Soil Health

farmer working in fieldsNutrients for Life, nutrients
, invites you to become a soil scientist and participate in the Humanity Against Hunger Challenge. The food crisis in Africa has to do, in part, with nutrient deficiencies in the soil. Three Case Studies are presented, along with photos of each farmer’s afflicted crops. Your job is to review the information the farmer provides and use the Field Manual to determine which nutrients the crops need. Your analysis will help lead to a final diagnosis. Take a short quiz at the end to find out if your research led you to the right conclusion.

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Castle Conquest

coat of armsThe Children’s Museum of Indianapolis invites you to experience the LEGO Castle Adventure, childrensmuseum.
. The Book of Castles is no ordinary book! While reading all about castles and why they were built, stop and play games to collect items for your Treasure Room. Create a suit of armor in A Knight Puzzle and earn the wizard’s staff and royal chalice. Do you know your Peasant Professions? If you do well, you will win the royal riches. Many fairy tales happen in castles. Write your own exciting tale and earn the king’s crown!

Swim Safely

CorkeyThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers introduces Bobber the Water Safety Dog, bobber.info, an expert on how to have fun and stay safe in the water. Watch Corkey and Sinker and their exciting adventures at Waterbowl Lake in Cartoons. Learn why you should always bring a buddy and why swimming outside the swim area can be dangerous. Ranger Jane Doe explains why life jackets are important and teaches you how to choose the right one. Use the control panel to lock a large towboat with Ranger Buck’s Lock Game. Then download coloring pages to review the safety rules.

Speak Out

Do you donate to charity?
Why or why not?

Speak Out Here!

Explore the Outdoors

Sunny summer days are a great time to get outside and enjoy nature. There are lots of ways to have fun outdoors, such as swimming at a lake or pool, going for a nature hike, or taking your bike for a ride on the trails. Best of all, these are also wonderful ways to get some exercise. Check out the National Wildlife Federation’s Get Outside, nwf.org/Get-Outside, and Nature Rocks, naturerocks.org, to find outdoor activity ideas and places to enjoy nature near you.

Be sure you know how to stay safe on your adventures. The sun helps your body produce vitamin D, which is important for strong bones, but too much sun can give you a sunburn and damage your skin. Always remember to wear sunscreen, especially in the late morning and early afternoon, when the sun’s rays are strongest. Also, take a water bottle with you to keep hydrated. To learn more about staying safe in the sun, visit kidshealth.org/kid/watch/
. Have a great summer!


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