Week of May 27, 2012

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Which vegetable is in Mama Bear’s “Ants on a Log” recipe?

Who was the commander of Apollo 13?
John Swigert
James Lovell
Fred Haise

What is the board in a studio used for?
Turn sound on and off and adjust volume
Modulate the broadcast frequency
Convert sound into digital information

Fun at the Treehouse

Brother BearYou can take a tour of the famous Berenstain Bears Treehouse at berenstain
. Start at Brother and Sister’s Room to listen to some tunes on the BearPod, print paper bear gear in the closet and create a coloring book. Time to relax! Head to the Living Room to watch movies, then read a bedtime story. Visit Mama and Papa’s Room on your way to bed to help Mama with her crossword puzzle. Need a snack? Visit The Sun Room to find healthy recipes like “Sunshine Snack Mix” on Mama Bear’s Recipe Browser, and make your favorite at home.

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NASA’s Photo Album

supernova blast waveFinding amazing images to accompany research projects and presentations is easy at Great Images in NASA (GRIN), grin.hq.nasa.gov. If you’re working on a project about the solar system, Browse by Center to visit the Jet Propulsion Lab for spectacular photos. Working on a specific topic, such as first-man-on-the-moon Neil Armstrong? Search by Keywords to see images of this historic event. Narrow your topic quickly in Browse by Subject. You’ll be inspired by photos of aircraft, lunar vehicles and astronauts in space!

Discover Classical Music

BrahmsCreative Kids Central, classicalkusc.org/
, presents a beautifully animated classical music extravaganza for your listening pleasure. Begin with Opera to experience a snippet of opera sung by colorful canine characters. Now uncover your talent for costume design, set design and choreography as you design your own opera in Hansel and Gretel’s Opera Interactive. Have you ever been to Vienna? Travel through time to Brahms’ 1890s Vienna with Ferdinand Schumann as he rides the RingStrasse Trolley in search of three famous musicians. There are fun music games and challenges along the way, so listen carefully!

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What is your favorite
Berenstain Bear book? Why?

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Dear Amy: How can I earn money? — Saviere, Syracuse, N.Y.

Dear Saviere: There are lots of ways to start earning money, even if you’re not old enough to get a job. A great place to start is by asking your parents or guardians if you can earn money by doing extra chores around the house. You could also ask your neighbors if they have any small jobs or chores you could do for them, but make sure you have the right equipment. For example, you’ll need items such as a rake or a lawn mower if you plan to do yard work.

Another idea is to find or make things to sell. Bake sales, lemonade stands and garage sales are all popular ways to earn cash. If you enjoy making crafts, consider selling your creations. Before you start selling, be sure to ask a parent for permission. For more ideas on how to earn money, check out
pbskids.org/itsmylife/money/making. Then go to You Said It to see what other kids have to say on making their own money.

Once you start earning, be sure you know how to use your money wisely. Find tips on saving, spending and more at The Mint, themint.org/kids. You’ll be managing your money like a pro!


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