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What is a phase change?
When an object's electrical charge changes
A change in air pressure
When a substance changes from one state of matter to another

What is the name of the bank president?

Which surrealist writer created parallel stories?
André Breton
Hervé Delabarre
Louis Aragon

Start a Chain Reaction

gilaChain Reaction, chain
, developed by a scientist at Arizona State University, brings scientific concepts to life through games, experiments and stories. Start in Activities and Extract Strawberrry DNA using your own DNA extraction kit created with common household items. Guess which animal left Desert Tracks. Click the hint button to learn the right questions to ask when you find tracks in the sand. Can you guess what a cactus wren eats? Test your knowledge about Desert Diets as you match animals with the foods they eat.

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Money Matters

BullMinyanville and the Council for Economic Education present a colorful collection of characters to help kids learn all about money management in MinyanLand, minyanland.com. Use the World Map to find your way around town. Everyone starts with $50,000! Stop by the Bank to invest in electronics, view your bank statement, and earn extra cash as a Money Sorter. Stroll down Boo Blvd. at the Playground and spin the wheel to make some serious cash. Now that you’ve earned extra money, the furniture store at the mall has everything you need to furnish your condo.

Strange News

armadillo on a unicycleThe Surrealist Chronicle, interactive.qag.
, is not a typical newspaper. In the 1920s and 1930s, surrealists often made up word games in order to play with what’s real and what’s not. Cut up the article as dancers cut a rug in Dance Craze, where virtual scissors and a bag are all you need to write your own wacky poem. Bank Robber Flees Crime on Unicycle takes on new meaning as you spin the wheel to change a few words, creating a parallel story. Changing just one word can create a hilarious ad in Royal’s Silverware Polish. Once your special edition is ready, click Share to have it delivered to your inbox.

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Dear Amy: I want to learn how to cook, but I don’t know where to start. Are there any cooking websites just for kids? — Catherine, New London, Conn.

Dear Catherine: A great place to learn to cook is with Ireland, the Cooking Kid, at thecookingkid.com. Eleven-year-old Ireland has been helping out in the kitchen since she was really young and wants to help other kids learn how to cook. Start with Kitchen Basics to learn cooking terminology, brush up on kitchen and table manners and find out the correct way to set the dinner table. Go to Watch Me to view cooking videos of Ireland making Dirt Cup Dessert, Caramel Apple Dip, Breakfast Casserole and more. Many of the videos include a recipe so you can try them at home.

Before you start cooking, learn How to Read a Recipe at kidshealth.org/
. Next, find healthy recipe ideas for a variety of dietary needs at kidshealth.org/kid/recipes. Once you find a recipe you like, grab a parent to supervise and answer all your kitchen questions, then make sure you have all the right ingredients and get cooking!


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