Week of April 22, 2012

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What is sprayed over a sand sculpture to
seal it?
A mixture of water and glue
Acrylic sealant
A mixture of wheat flour and water

How many bald eagles are in the United States today?
About 500,000
About 100,000
About 20,000

What image is incorporated into all three state emblems?
Sugar Maple Tree
Coat of Arms

Amazing Castles

Jenny with one of her sand castlesIf you are an artist or just like playing in the sand, Jenny the Sandcastle Girl, jennyrossen.com, will spark your imagination and inspire you to create a masterpiece on your next visit to the beach. Jenny Rossen is a professional sand sculptor who brings awe and delight to audiences at festivals and exhibitions in communities around the world. Visit Sandsculptured Objects to see photos of her award-winning creations. Learn the tips and tricks you’ll need to become a sand sculptor when Jenny Shows You How in 10 simple steps.

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Go Outside!

magnifying glassNeighborhood Explorers, fws.gov/neighborhoodexplorers, encourages you to go outside and discover nature in your own backyard. First, meet new friends and hear interesting stories at the Tree House. Help Instructions contains a video about games and activities you can enjoy outside. Select Steve’s Story to learn about bald eagles, then take pictures of a Florida panther and an indigo snake. Go Back to the Tree House and click on the log to pick a project such as building a bird feeder or keeping a nature journal. Earn patches by completing your projects.

The Empire State

The Statue of LibertyDiscover fun facts and famous New Yorkers as you explore the history of the Empire State at the NYS Kid’s Room, dos.state.ny.us/kids_room. Begin with State History, but pay attention, there is a quiz! Find out which famous people or Indian words inspired each county’s name on the interactive NYS Counties Map. Select a state symbol to color in Fun Things to Do, choose a coloring tool and then print your work. Find the names of interesting places to visit around the state in the Word Search. You may have to do some online research to complete the Crossword, but the challenge is part of the fun.

Speak Out

Have you ever been to the beach?
If so, which one?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I want to learn a foreign language, but how do I choose which one? — Hannah, Denver, Colo.

Dear Hannah: Deciding to learn a new language is a big commitment, but it can also be fun. There are lots of things you should consider before choosing a language. Does your school offer any language classes? Most schools offer Spanish, French or even German classes. Taking a class has many advantages, because a teacher can help you pronounce new words, answer your questions and assign homework to practice the new language. Practicing is definitely important, and choosing a language you can use regularly will help you learn it better. For example, if you have friends who already speak Spanish, you’ll be able to practice with them.

You can also try listening to different languages and see which one appeals to you the most. Try out some basic phrases in many different languages at bbc.co.uk/languages/other/quickfix. If you can’t find a class for your desired language, there are other great options such as software or online classes. Choose the one that works best for you!


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