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What is the largest vegetable crop in Michigan?

Which sea creature can be found in every part of the world’s oceans?

How much does it cost to do a butcher’s apprenticeship?
6 shillings
1 pound and 5 shillings
2 pounds and 2 shillings

Great Lakes State

pizza faceMichigan Kids, michigan.
, shares fascinating facts and trivia about the Great Lakes State. Start with games and bust some germs in classic arcade style. Throw darts to pop the balloons in the Fairs and Festivals Game, but first you have to take a quiz! Feeding Time at the Zoo is an action-packed learning adventure as you try to feed the animals before the timer runs out. Make Your Own Virtual Pizza with Michigan-grown ingredients. By the time you’re ready to bake, you’ll know some interesting facts about each topping.

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Sea Creatures

octopusNOAA’s My Submarine Ocean Explorer, coexploration.org/
, invites you to join real scientists to explore marine life on a virtual submarine. Did you know there are mountain ranges along the ocean floor? Join the Ring of Fire expedition on the map and watch an underwater volcano while listening to amazing facts gathered from a vehicle hovering 10 feet away! Click the phone to call Kevin Raskoff, a scientist who traveled to the Arctic to study sea creatures under the ice and discovered several new species.

Medieval Life

jesterThe Museum of London, museumoflondon.org.uk/London-
, presents a colorful group of medieval characters to choose from to play the Medieval Game of Life. Choose a character to begin making choices to determine your future. Select a name, then fast-forward eight years and decide whether school is for you. Now pick a career, but wait! Reading and writing are required for most jobs; you should have gone to school. Finding a job can be tricky. Are you rich or poor, a boy or a girl? Your choices are limited, so play and see!

Speak Out

Have you ever been to a state fair?
What was your favorite part?

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Dear Amy: What is cloud computing? — Darren, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Dear Darren: Although advertisements make it seem like cloud computing is magical and mysterious, it’s actually quite ordinary. If you’ve ever used Web-based email or a Web application such as Google Docs, then you’ve used cloud computing! A “cloud” is a group of servers that lets users run programs and access services over an Internet connection. Many different users share the “cloud,” and the amount of storage space users have depends on how much they pay for. Some cloud computing services offer a limited amount of space for free, and users who want more space can pay for a subscription.

A popular use for cloud computing is backing up files. When you store your files “in the cloud” with an online backup service, you can access them from any computer with an Internet connection. This is a great way to make sure all your important files are safely backed up in case of computer problems. But to keep your personal information safe, avoid storing files with sensitive information “in the cloud.” To learn more about cloud computing, visit computerhope.com/jargon/c/cloudcom.htm.


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