Week of March 25, 2012

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What does the Unblinking Mechanical Eye do?
Reads printed words
Identifies human faces
Identifies different colors

What is the best time to plant pumpkins in your area?
The first day of Spring
The frost-free date
On the first warm, sunny day in March

What is a traditional Navajo home called?
A Hogan
A Wigwam
A Longhouse

Mail Systems

mail carrierSystems at Work, postalmuseum.si.edu/
, is an inside look at the progress and innovative technologies at work in our postal service. Enter the Exhibit to set off on the extraordinary journey that began in 1792 when letters were delivered to central post offices by private stagecoach. All Systems at Work follows the route of a letter in today’s system. In Catalysts of Change, read how postage stamps and ZIP Codes revolutionized the delivery of mail. View photos of early postal scales in Objects.

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Fun Gardening

Global Friendship GardenMy First Garden, urbanext.illinois.edu/first
, will help you discover how fun it is to build your own amazing garden. Create a sun chart in Show Me the Basics to find the sunniest spot in your yard. You become the ruler in Gardening FUNdamentals, using your hands and feet to measure planting depth and distance between seeds and rows. Did you know that flowers will grow in old shoes, a tire or even a piece of gutter? Planning My Garden describes the type of soil and fertilizer you’ll need to grow a plant in your own unique container.

Hear a Story

bald eagleScience, history, civics and more capture your attention in the interactive online library of nonfiction books available at Listen and Read, teacher.scholastic.com/commclub. There are 54 illustrated books to choose from in eight subject areas. In Animals, discover how a baby kangaroo develops in A Joey Grows Up and learn the survival secrets of the Arctic fox. Would you rather be a pediatrician or the mayor? These and other jobs are featured in Community Club to help you decide. Follow the journey of a boy who grew up to be president of the United States in The Path of a President.

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Dear Amy: When will humans be able to go to Mars? — John, St. Louis, Mo.

Dear John: Mars is a long way from Earth, with a distance that varies from 36 million miles, the closest point to Earth in its orbit, to over 250 million miles. Despite the extreme distance and challenges, sending astronauts to Mars is one of NASA’s long-term goals. NASA’s first step in preparing to visit Mars is sending exploration crews from the International Space Station to closer destinations, such as the moon and near-Earth asteroids. These shorter missions will allow astronauts to test new technologies and prepare for longer journeys. To learn more about NASA’s upcoming missions, visit the Global Exploration Roadmap at open.nasa.gov/exploration-roadmap.

Dear Amy: Which college should I go to? — Olivia, Annapolis, Md.

Dear Olivia: College may be years away, but it never hurts to start thinking about where you might like to go to school or what you want to study. When you’re ready to start researching colleges, check out Tips for Choosing the Right College at teenink.com/college_guide/college_articles/article/3107/


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