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What year were the Lewis Chessmen discovered?

What kind of light bulbs should you be using?

How does the caribou differ from other “cervidae”?
They are nocturnal
They have large feet
Both males and females have antlers

Play Chess

chess pieceUnravel the mystery and intrigue surrounding the discovery of ancient chess pieces in Unmask the Lewis Chessmen, nms.ac.uk/kids/unmask_
. Start with the interactive map to begin gathering evidence for your own case file. Then examine your case file and throw away fake clues. After you learn how the Chessmen were made and where they were discovered, read a collection of stories and guess which one is true. Ready to play games? Choose the Chessmen to meet the characters, then play the walrus tusk game.

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Excuses, Excuses…

character with goggles and pinwheelsThe U.S. Department of Energy wants you to take a good look at your energy use at Lose Your Excuse, loseyourexcuse.gov. You would be shocked to find out just how much energy the average household uses. Find the Easy Energy Action Plan and try 10 simple ways to save energy in your home, such as shutting off computers and unplugging your phone chargers. Bust a Move to Lost Excuses Land and help the characters get past their energy-wasting ways. Be sure to play the Energy Rescue Game before you turn off your screen.

Wild Ways

photo of ArcticReturn to the Wild, canadian
, and see all the natural wonders of North America. Visit Ecozones and explore the map. There are many different ecozones to learn about, from Arctic to Desert. Fabulous photos provide stunning visual comparisons, so feast your eyes on the beauty the continent has to offer. Click on Species to meet animals such as the beluga whale, grey wolf, honeybee and others that call certain regions home. Themes will show you what you can do to help with conservation efforts.

Speak Out

What is your favorite wild animal?

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Springtime Celebration

Tuesday, March 20, marks the first day of spring this year. It might still be chilly outside, but the beginning of spring reminds me that warmer days will be here soon. I'm ready to welcome spring, so I've collected sites with lots of ideas to celebrate the new season. Whether you're into making crafts or playing in the dirt, you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

30 Fun Spring Crafts for Kids

Starting Seeds Indoors

Garbage-Can Gardening

Homemade Bird Feeders


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