Week of March 11, 2012

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How do you know which cards are guilty?
Their pictures appear on a wanted poster
A judge says they're guilty
They have red hands

What does Kalani mean?

What are the three primary colors?
Green, orange and purple
Red, yellow and blue
Yellow, green and purple

So Wonderful

wondermindWondermind, wondermind.
, is an adventure in a real-life wonderland: your own brain! Take a bite of a magical cake in the forest and see how many times you can catch the white rabbit before Alice's time runs out. The Hedge Maze provides a challenge as you try to shine a light on the Cheshire Cat by adjusting mirrors before he vanishes. Stop for a spot of tea at the Tea Party, and do your best to help the Hatter fill every cup. The Garden will have you searching for pairs of guilty cards, but watch out! You are being tested on your speed.

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Wind in Your Sails

KaliniTake a weather adventure at Riding the Winds with Kalani, urbanext.illinois.
. Kalani wants to take you on an unforgettable journey into the big blue sky as you examine clouds and our beautiful sun. Kalani is also full of useful information on the seasons. Did you know it is cold in winter because the sun is lower in the sky? Clouds are also on the menu, so you can learn all their names and why they take certain shapes. Take cover when you click on Precipitation, and then continue your ride with some fun Things to Do, like a weather word find.

Tactile Textiles

Chinese clothesVisit the Children's University of Manchester's Talking Textiles,
, where materials are waiting for your discovery. World Costumes is a great place to start as you learn how to find out what time period and country a person is from based on what he or she is wearing. See how textiles are decorated with knitted knots, embroidery, patchwork, dyes and more. Now spin The Color Wheel and learn what colors can mean and how colors are created. Your art class and teacher might be interested in this site!

Speak Out

What is your favorite kind of weather?

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Global Grooves

From lullabies to pop hits, music has always been a part of our lives. Even ancient civilizations enjoyed singing and playing instruments. For example, an ancient Greek musician may have played the lyre, a stringed instrument, or the syrinx, which is made of hollow tubes that are bound together. The syrinx is sometimes called a panpipe, because in Greek mythology the god Pan created it. The ancient Greeks enjoyed singing and created choirs for religious ceremonies, special events and entertainment. To learn more about ancient and modern Greek music, visit sbgmusic.com/html/teacher/

While most ancient instruments are no longer used, there are still many unique instruments to be found all over the world. Maya and Miguel's Global Groovin', pbskids.org/mayaandmiguel/english/games/globalgroovin/game.
, lets you be the DJ and create your own globally inspired mixes featuring bagpipes, the bouzouki, maracas and more.


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