Week of March 4, 2012

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When did the Soviet Union launch the first satellite into space?

What is Phishing?
When emails try to trick you into giving out personal information
Making inappropriate posts on a message board
Sending an email anonymously

What kind of tree is Lily observing?
An apple tree
A dogwood tree
A maple tree

Easy Fun With ESA

alienThe European Space Agency invites you to visit ESA Kids, www.esa.int/esaKIDSen, where the universe and all of its mysteries are just a click away. Begin with Technology, where Launchers will take you to Europe's Spaceport to explore their spacecraft and learn the difference between a rocket and a plane. Our Universe features the sun, planets and moons, stars and galaxies, and more! Choose one to begin your research into the great unknown. Come back to Earth and take part in conservation efforts that protect our home.

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Safety First

computer keyboard and mouseWelcome to Chat Danger, chatdanger.com, where kids learn how to stay safe while chatting online. Technology has made communication super easy, but not without risk. Click on Email and read true stories from people who have been tricked, bullied or spammed. Move over to Mobiles to find out how to protect yourself from unwanted texts, calls, pictures and more. Find out how to make good choices in Chat, not just with people, but with the chat rooms you choose. Used carefully, social media tools can help you keep in touch.

Tall Tales From the Garden

SageCan plants tell stories? Visit Project BudBurst - BudBurst Buddies, neoninc.org/budburst/buddies, to find out what plants are trying to tell you. For example, when a flower blooms, it is telling you which season is approaching. Lily and Sage are working hard to choose the perfect plants to observe. Scientists need their help to uncover the messages as plants change through the seasons. You can help out by becoming a BudBurst Buddy. Choose a plant to observe, track changes in your About My Plant Journal and then report your findings to earn a certificate.

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Do you garden?
What is your favorite thingto grow?

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Dear Amy: I really like working with computers and want to do that as a job when I grow up. What are some careers I should consider? — Shane, Kansas City, Mo.

Dear Shane: Computers have become important in all kinds of industries. Many companies hire information technology (IT) specialists to keep their computers running smoothly and troubleshoot problems. This could be a great job for you if you enjoy solving computer problems. If you're into art, you might consider a career in design, where you could work on creating computer graphics or designing websites. Another awesome career is computer engineering. Engineers create all the tech stuff we use every day, from gadgets like MP3 players to the software that runs on your computer. To learn more about cool computer careers, visit bls.gov/k12/computers. htm.

The computing world is growing and changing quickly, and many computer jobs probably haven't been invented yet. The best way you can prepare for a career in computers is to take lots of math, science and computer classes to prepare for college. Be sure to ask a guidance counselor for advice on which classes to take.


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