Week of February 26, 2012

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What is the Biz Kid$ newsletter titled?
The Bank
The Vault
The Daily Dollar

What does an astrolabe measure?
Air pressure
The altitude of an object

How many kinds of living things are on Earth?
3 million
30 million
3 billion

Business as Usual

The Biz Kid$Biz Kid$, bizkids.com, will have you “cashing in” in no time. Learn from financially savvy kids as you browse through blog posts and click on topics such as “What Happens to Old Money” and “How Coins Got Their Grooves.” Don't miss The Calculator in Students, where you’ll find all kinds of moneymaking and money-saving tips and tricks. Remember that finance does not always have to be such a serious topic. Take a load off in Games, where you can play The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, All Terrain Brain and more.

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Galaxy Quest

craterAt Home Astronomy, cse.ssl.berkeley.edu/AtHome
, encourages you to gather your family and try out some cool hands-on experiments that everyone will enjoy. Search your home for straws and balloons so you can create an amazing project in Rockets Away. Build a pinhole viewer in Finding the Size of the Sun and Moon and discover how it can help project light sources. From learning about the Order of the Planets to Building a Lunar Settlement, you will have a day's worth of challenging activities to tackle.

Growth and Change

tamarinLife Has a History, ucmp.berkeley.
, is a fascinating resource that will help you understand how much life on Earth has changed over time. Look at pictures to see what living things look familiar to you. Now, look closely at the photos of cute and cuddly kittens and compare their features to the saber-toothed cat. How do genetics play a role in their appearance and development? Pay attention, and you will discover how new species evolve and why creatures may change over time.

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If you could only take one item
into space, what would it be?

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Dear Amy: I get good grades on my homework, but my test grades are never as good. Do you have any tips for doing better on tests? — Michael, Midland, Texas

Dear Michael: There are lots of things you can do to make taking tests a little easier. Start by improving your study skills with the tips at how-to-study.com/study-skills/en/39.asp. Once you know the material well, try taking a practice exam from your textbook or create your own with example questions and problems from your textbook. This is also a good chance to practice a test-taking strategy, such as the DETER strategy at how-to-study.com/study-skills/en/46.asp. Having a plan of action can help you stay focused during the exam. Finally, be sure to get a good night's sleep the night before the test and eat a healthy breakfast on exam day. You can do it!

Dear Amy: Is there an easy way to learn multiplication facts? — Andrea, Sacramento, Calif.

Dear Andrea: Practice is the key to memorizing, and finding a fun way to practice will make it easy to learn math facts. Try playing the multiplication games at 4kids.org/games. You can also check out tips from Dr. Math at mathforum.org/dr.math/faq/faq.learn.multiply.html.


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