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What culture is the “dag” or tunic from?

Where did salsa music begin?
New York

In step four of the fungi life cycle, what does the mushroom do?
Releases spores
Grows from mycelium
Breaks through the veil and grows taller and wider

Up North

maskThe Smithsonian’s Alaska Native Collections, alaska.si.edu, invites curious kids to take a journey to Alaska as they learn about indigenous people and their art, values, culture and beliefs. Sample the Smithsonian collections as you mouse over objects such as helmets, kayaks, ceremonial bowls and more. Click on the ones you want to learn more about and discover what native elders have to say as you browse through their history and pictures. Check out Cultures before you move on, and see which people inhabit different areas.

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Something Fun

Chuck and RamonaKids can rock out at Chuck Vanderchuck's “Something Something” Explosion, pbskids.org/chuck. Begin with Music and choose from salsa, jazz, reggae, country or rock. Pick your favorite, then the band will tell you the origin of that genre, who performed it, and the instruments to listen for. Move over to Videos and watch Chuck, Ramona and Zeppelin get their groove on, tell crazy jokes and offer fun music facts. They will have you bobbin' your head and stompin' your feet! Rock steady with this awesome collection of music.

More Than Just a Veggie

mushroomMeet the fungi, bacteria, viruses, algae and protozoa in the spotlight at Science: The Children's University of Manchester,
. Dr. David Moore, a mycologist (a person who studies fungi), wants to let you into the cool fungus kingdom to explore. From cheese and edible mushrooms to medicines that keep you healthy, fungi are present in your everyday life. Once you think you know all there is to know about mushrooms, play Match the Mushroom and test your skills. Now learn which micro-organism appeared nearly 4 billion years ago!

Speak Out

When you are craving something sweet, what do you reach for?

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Animal Awareness

The world is full of wonderful and unique creatures. Unfortunately, more than 17,000 species of animals and plants are endangered and could become extinct. There are ways to help, and the first step is awareness. Learn all about endangered species and what we can do to help at the sites below. Then share what you've learned with friends and family. Making simple changes to “green” your daily routine can indirectly benefit endangered animals as well as the planet we all share.

Our Endangered Animals

Endangered Species

Endangered Species Program

Green Tips


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