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What was the Viking alphabet called?

What percentage of carbon dioxide comes from soil microorganisms?

Which two dinosaurs lived
in Algeria?
Brachio-saurus and Nigersaurus
Abelisaurus and Buitreraptor
Spinosaurus and Rhabdodon

What Lies Beneath

King Tut maskDig, digonsite.com, is an awesome place for those passionate about archaeology. Ask Dr. Dig to find out about cavemen, mummies, dinosaurs and more! Dig magazine also has amazing art, featuring subjects such as pharaohs and Egyptian funerals, illustrated by kids just like you. See what others have created and feel free to send in your own masterpiece. Before you surf on to other kid-friendly websites, visit Fantastic Factoids to learn about interesting mysteries and myths that will wow your friends and family.

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Super Soil

WilburThe Bureau of Land Management's Soil Biological Communities for Kids, blm.gov/nstc/soil/Kids, invites you to look deep into dirt! Meet Wilbur, the Soil Wizard, and learn all about the frosting on the Earth's birthday cake. Follow Wilbur underground as he explores the wonders hidden beneath your feet. Click on the Food Web to see how all the elements come together to create a nurturing environment for plants and animals. Now, Adopt a Soil Critter such as Anthony the Ant or Ben the Badger, and receive a certificate confirming your new adoption.

It's All There

triceratopsThe Natural History Museum presents The Dino Directory, nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/life/
. This online gem is full of facts, images and features that celebrate the dapper dino. Do you know which dinosaur you want to look up? Search by name and have a meet-and-greet with some famous faces, such as Tanius, Achillobator and Isisaurus. You can also browse through the timeline to see which dinosaurs roamed the Earth during a specific era. Bookmark this site for future school projects.

Speak Out

What is the best way to celebrate
Valentine's Day?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How can I make my school projects and presentations more interesting? — Anna, Minneapolis, Minn.

Dear Anna: With a little creativity, it's easy to turn an average report or project into something special. Instead of writing a report on a famous historical figure or literary character, you could create a blog written from the viewpoint of the person you are studying. Blogger, blogger.com, and WordPress, wordpress.com, are two popular free choices.

Make your book report shine by building a wiki to organize information about the book. Be sure to add some pictures, too! Create your own wiki for free at wikidot.com. For more creative project ideas, visit ereadingworksheets.com/

If you are working on a presentation, consider adding some multimedia, such as video clips, a slideshow or music. If used appropriately, they can help your audience learn even more. For example, if you are presenting a report on Pablo Picasso, you could create a slideshow to feature his most important paintings and show how his style changed over time.


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