Week of January 29, 2012

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What animal is featured on the Law and Finance page?
An elephant
A bald eagle
A pig

What kind of pie did Walter eat in Kentucky?

Where does Monkey Jump take place?
At the zoo
In the garden
At the toy store

Figuring Physics

lightningPhysics.org invites you to explore possible careers in science at physics.org/
. If you need some inspiration before you make your job selection, check out Profiles where you can read all about talented scientists such as Steff, a weather forecaster, Declan, a surgeon, and Naomi, a mechanical engineer. Now watch the different options that scroll across the top of the page. Click on Science Journalist, Radar Project Manager or Computer Game Designer to discover the best that physics has to offer.

Nominate a cool website at:

Underneath It All

African American familyThe Underground Railroad: Escape From Slavery, teacher.scholastic.com/
, will show you the twists and turns that made the Underground Railroad a network of hope for many brave people. Begin with On the Plantation and meet Walter, hear his story and see him escape. Sneak through the night in Kentucky, then snack on pie with John. Finally, reach freedom when you arrive in Ohio, take an unforgettable train ride and find a new life in Canada.

Curiosity and Discovery

Curious GeorgeJoin a familiar friend, Curious George, at pbskids.org/curiousgeorge for fun and games. Start with Hide and Seek to see what you can find. Listen closely to the Man in the Yellow Hat as he tells you what items to search for. Then play with your food in Meatball Launcher when you help George add the perfect number of meatballs to his spaghetti. Meet Allie in Count With Allie as you flip through a picture book and count the items you see. From Apple Picking to Bug Catcher, there are more than 15 games to choose from, so have a blast with your favorites.

Speak Out

What is your favorite pie?

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Dear Amy: I want to start eating healthier and getting more exercise. Do you have any tips that could help me get started? — Katie, Bellevue, Neb.

Dear Katie: Making small changes in the way you eat can add up quickly. Ask for an extra helping of veggies in the cafeteria, or pack a salad to go with your sandwich instead of a bag of chips. Trade in the junk food for a healthy afternoon snack that includes fruit, such as a smoothie or apple slices with peanut butter. For more healthy snack ideas, visit www.fruitsandveggiesmore

Getting more exercise is easy when you find physical activities you like to do. If you enjoy playing sports, consider joining a team at school or a local recreation league. If you're a music fan, put on some music and dance, listen to music while doing chores or even try a dance workout video. Walking or riding a bike to school or a friend's house is another great way to add physical activity to your day.

For more information, check out KidsHealth's Staying Healthy, kidshealth.org/kid/stay_healthy. This site has tons of articles with tips on eating right, exercising and more.


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