Week of January 22, 2012

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What is Kristen's favorite thing about playing bass?
Playing low notes
Playing short notes
Playing long notes

How many camera stations are in Laikipia District in Kenya?

Who were New Jersey's first inhabitants?
The Lenape
The Iroquois
The Kickapoo

A Symphony of Sound

grand pianoWelcome to the Nashville Symphony Website for Kids at nashvillesymphony.org. Go to NSO Kids, where musicians and their instruments take center stage for your perusal. Click on Symphony Spotlight to put faces to the featured instruments. Choose an artist and learn about how he or she came to love music. Our Instruments allows you to roll over flutes, French horns and percussion offerings and see their placement in the orchestra. With so many great sounds and videos to discover, music appreciation has never been so note-worthy!

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Into the Wild

coyoteWelcome to Smithsonian Wild, siwild.si.edu, where scientists around the globe are showcasing wonderful and wild animals in a large range of natural habitats. Search though the featured creatures located in the A-Z Index of Animals. There are fascinating subjects to choose from, such as Bears, Deer and Primates. Click on one and learn neat facts as you scroll through videos and photos you won't soon forget. Be sure to browse through Projects to see what is being studied all over the animal world. Go wild!

Not a Secret Garden

GabrielaNew Jersey History Kids, www.state.
, is waiting to give you a crash course in New Jersey’s history. Say “hello” to Corey and Gabriela as they walk you through important topics such as history, geography and state government that help explain why New Jersey is the great place that it is. Mouse over the state to see videos, read documents or take part in neat activities. Farming, invention, manufacturing and the Underground Railroad are all covered, so find an area you want to learn more about and share with others who are curious about New Jersey's hidden treasures.

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What is your favorite
orchestra instrument?

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Dear Amy: What are some cool things I can add to my personal website for free? — Justin, Kansas City, Mo.

Dear Justin: If you know a little HTML, adding cool features is as easy as copying and pasting a few lines of code. Learn the basics at ipl.org/div/kidsweb.

Have some new photos you want to share? Picasa Web Albums, picasa.google.com/features.html, lets you create your own albums and slide shows to embed in your site. If video is more your style, YouTube at youtube.com makes it easy to share videos and playlists. Show off your own video creations or make a playlist of your favorite videos. Then customize the player size and color options to go with your site.

Blogs are another easy way to add personality to a website. You can post about things that interest you, share great sites and videos you find online or let your readers know about the newest site updates. Wordpress, wordpress.com, and Blogger, blogger.com, are two popular free options. Remember that anyone can see your site, so avoid posting details such as your full name, address or other personally identifiable information. Have fun!


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