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How many storylines can you pick from in Make a Movie?

How do we refer to each space on a grid?
A unit
A square
A point

Whose daughter was snatched and suffers an eternal winter?

It's Magic

teddy bear with magic wandKerpoof, www.kerpoof.com, is all about having a blast while discovering new ways to express yourself. Budding artists can flex their creativity with projects such as Make a Picture and Spell a Picture. Just choose a background and begin. You can even make your own movie and vote on works your peers have posted. Now pick a theme such as Fantasy, Aliens, Inventors or Winter Tales and use it to Tell a Story. Just type in your text and add pictures and color, and you have created an original work of art you can show off.

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Earn It and Learn It

kids diggingThe Children's Museum of Indianapolis welcomes bright and curious kids to Annie's Archaeology Laboratory, www.childrensmuseum.org/
. Annie wants you to do your best to earn an Apprentice Archaeology certificate. Sneak a peek at earthly treasures to see Egyptian crypts and spooky shipwrecks. Find inspiration in Annie's notebook and ask the right questions to make amazing discoveries. From excavations to plane trips to the Nile, this site will have you digging deep for more knowledge.

Fly Away

HermesTake an unforgettable tour with Hermes the messenger god at ABC Arts Online: Winged Sandals, www.abc.net.au/arts/wingedsandals. Storytime is the perfect place to get a crash course in Greek mythology with awesome tales such as Perseus and Medusa, How Apollo got his Oracle and more. See if you can hit all the right notes when you play Rockabye Cerberus in Games. Now pick a side in Amazons vs. Athenians and see if your gender can take home a win for their team. Before you leave, Ask the Oracle to see what your future holds!

Speak Out

Who is your favorite
character in mythology?

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Dear Amy: I want to make my own holiday cards this year. Do you have any tips and ideas for how to make them? — Jessica, Minneapolis

Dear Jessica: Making holiday cards can be a lot of fun! By using supplies you have on hand, you can save money and help save the trees. I like to grab a variety of supplies and see what inspires me. Construction paper, old holiday wrapping paper, glitter pens, paint and pictures from magazines are all great for making cards. Drawing a snowflake and adding glitter makes a simple and attractive card. You can also try making a motif of holiday images on the front of the card. If you're feeling especially crafty, try making a pop-up card. For instructions, visit http://pbskids.org/zoom/activities/do/

Most word processing programs have a card template and clip art available, making it easy to print your own cards. You can even download holiday card templates for Microsoft Office at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/
. You can also try making holiday cards online at Kerpoof, the site featured in It's Magic. When you're done, e-mail it to a friend or print it out and mail it. Happy Holidays!


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