Week of December 4, 2011

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What does SN stand for?
Star-forming nebula
Space navigation

What are trows?
Troll-like creatures
Strings on a harp
Tree roots above ground

What is Professor Rosalie David's area of study?
Egyptian Art
Egyptian hieroglyphic writing
Biomedical Egyptology

A Cosmic Tour

spiral galaxySky-Spy Safari, http://
, is a stroll through the cosmos that you won't soon forget. Begin by rotating the Planisphere to see amazing sights far away in space. Use your mouse to roll over objects of interest such as the M31 or M81 Spiral Galaxy. When you find an area that you want to explore, click and see unforgettable photographs and information that will amaze you. Now check out Telescopes to find out how light is processed in the different models featured on the site.

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Making Music

world mapDifferent regions offer up a diverse group of musical instruments. Put them together and play World Music Composer, www.nms.ac.uk/kids/
. Move through all the “hot spots” the world map has to offer to get an earful of local musical offerings. The African tipow will help you lay a strong rhythm, while the South American charango can turn out lively strumming. Use the mixing board to listen to your original compositions. Try as many instruments as you can to see what rocks your world.

Egypt Awaits

mummy maskTake a crash course in Egyptian history at The Children's University of Manchester - Ancient Egypt, www.childrensuniversity.manchester.
. Explore Ancient Egypt is a wonderful place to start your African journey as you learn about important historical sites and uncover hidden treasures. Take it up a notch in Writing in Hieroglyphs, where you will learn about the many symbols that communicated important messages in ancient times. Now go have fun Making a Mummy and playing Egyptian Jigsaws to unwind.

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If you had one wish, what would it be?

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Season of Giving

December is the time for winter holidays and festivities. For many people, it's also a time to give to those in need. If you're interested in giving to a charity, it’s a good idea to ask a parent to help you do some research before sending your donation.

JustGive, www.justgive.org, is a great place to find basic information about a charity and make donations online. You can search for a charity by name, or search by location if you want to support an organization in your community. For help selecting a charity, Charity Navigator has tips for giving at www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=content.view&cpid=1155. You can also read charity reviews and ratings on its website.

Another option is to donate items you no longer use, such as an old cellphone or clothes that don't fit anymore. Get some great ideas for donating all kinds of items at www.oprah.com/home/Where-to-Get-Rid-of-Clothing-Toys-Old-Phones-and-More. Whether you choose to give money, donate items or volunteer, there are so many ways to make a difference!


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