Week of November 20, 2011

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Who first observed and documented X-rays?
Johann Hittorf
Wilhelm Conrad Röentgen
Thomas Edison

How many types of major biomes exist?

What is the game master's name?

Energy All Around

spiral galaxyGet energized at Mission: Science, Introduction to the Electromagnetic Spectrum, http://missionscience.nasa.
. Electromagnetic energy is everywhere. Every time you watch TV, use the phone or enjoy a hot and buttery bag of microwave popcorn, you are using broad-spectrum energy. Click on Wave Behaviors to see how energy moves through reflection, absorption, refraction, scatter and more. Before you move on, check out The Earth's Radiation Budget, where you can see how energy enters and leaves our miraculous planet.

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Eco Cool

orcaEnjoy the study of people and their relationship with the environment at Kids Do Ecology, http://kids.nceas.
. Check out Learn About Ecology to discover which animals are in danger and what career paths you might choose to help save them. Data and Science is a wonderful resource that can help you to understand the scientific method as you learn to gather data and ask good questions. Move on to World Biomes, where different kinds of environments sustain amazing life, and games such as Wacky Weather Words and Peculiar Plants are just waiting to be played.

No Escape

cereal boxAdvertising is everywhere, no matter where you are. Sometimes it is easy to forget the profound effects advertising has on you and your decisions. Admongo.gov wants you to explore, discover and learn as you become more media literate. Click Play Now and begin your quest to understand the ins and outs of ads. Choose your character's hair, clothes and accessories, and then begin your “aducation.” By the time you are done working your way to the “top,” you will know who is making the ads, what ads are really saying and how they are targeting you.

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Time to Play

Thanksgiving break is the perfect opportunity to have some fun. Instead of watching football on TV this year, grab some family members or friends for a game of touch football in the yard. If you're not into football, there are tons of other games you can play. For example, card games are a great way to enjoy family time, especially if it's too cold to play a game outside. Grab a football or a deck of cards and have a fantastic, fun-filled Thanksgiving!

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