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What is the tallest breed of dog?
Great Dane
Neapolitan Mastiff
Irish Wolfhound

How many daily hours of sleep are astronauts scheduled for?

Eva Ybarra is also known as what?
The “Queen of the Accordian”
The “Queen of Salsa”
The “Queen of the Drums”

Our Furry Friends

bulldogNew Zealand Dog Safety,
, is a wonderful resource for kids who are looking to learn more about proper dog treatment. Charlie's Dog Safety Tips is full of helpful rules, such as “Check it’s sweet – before you meet” and “Chin or chest – that’s the best.” Once you are done reviewing Charlie's guidelines, take the Dog Safety Quiz to test your knowledge. Brush up on canine trivia with About Dogs, then read Dog Stories, where you’ll meet Charlie, the adorable Lowchen.

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The Ultimate Adventure

astroanuts with orangesTraveling to space is an amazing privilege, but living there can be a real challenge. Find the answers to all of your space queries at Living in Space, http://spaceflight1.
. Check out Space Food for common menu items astronauts can choose from. Coffee and a cinnamon roll for breakfast? Astronauts can even snack on shrimp cocktail for dinner after they “rehydrate” this treat. Personal hygiene is important, so watch a video on how to do laundry in space. From sleeping to shaving, it’s all here!

Spice Is Nice

Desi ArnazAmerican Sabor, http://american
, a site for music lovers, will add meaning to terrific tunes with Latin roots found all over the U.S.A. Begin with Sabor Cities to read about places such as New York and Los Angeles. Each location features biographies of famous musicians and jukebox highlights for your listening pleasure. Dance it up in Musical Styles, where you can cha-cha-cha, mambo and salsa to your heart's content. Get your hands on the soundboard at the Sabor Mixer as you learn by sampling beats and musical interludes.

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What is your favorite dog breed?

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Dear Amy: How do electric toothbrushes charge through plastic? I thought plastic couldn't conduct electricity. — Drew, Austin, Texas

Dear Drew: Most chargers and electronic devices connect through metal contact points, such as a charger that plugs into a port on a cell phone. These metal contact points aren't safe for chargers in the bathroom, because they could easily get wet and shock someone. Luckily, toothbrush chargers can use induction instead.

Both the toothbrush and charger have coils of wire inside them. When an electric current flows through the charger's coil, it creates a magnetic field around the wire. The electricity we get from an outlet has an alternating current, meaning it changes direction many times per second. This causes the magnetic field around the coiled wire in the charger to change direction, too.

When your toothbrush is placed on the charger, the coiled wire inside the toothbrush is affected by the magnetic field in the charger and causes an electric current to flow through the wire. This electric current is used to charge the toothbrush battery. For more information about how induction works, visit www.physics4kids.com/files/elec_faraday.html.


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