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The reddish Amazon ants are also known by what Latin name?
Oecophylla smaragdina
Polyergus breviceps
Formica argentea

How many people are alive today?
5.4 billion
6.1 billion
6.7 billion

What is the Spanish word
for father?

Small and Mighty

leaf cutter antsThe Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History shines the spotlight on often overlooked bugs with Farmers, Warriors, Builders: The Hidden Life of Ants, www.mnh.si.edu/ants. Ants are a dominant force in their ecosystems. Click on Photo Gallery to see these critters in action as they gather impressive amounts of food. Go to videos and watch “Lord of the Ants,” or catch a glimpse of the red wonders as they act as a team to build a lifeboat. Now that you see the world from an ant's point of view, give credit where it is due.

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Take a Stand

holding a globeFind out about any number of important causes at Youthink, http://youthink.worldbank.
. Browse through Issues to begin. Go to Get Involved and find out how a bike can affect a life in “Change on Two Wheels.” Climate Change is always a hot topic, so read up on how humans influence our climate, and see what you can do to help the planet. From corruption to employment, many controversial causes are covered on this site, so choose a few that are close to your heart and let your passion be your guide.

Easy Español

Noah ComprendeMeet up with a new Spanish-speaking buddy at PBS Kids Go: Noah Comprende, http://pbskids.org/noah. Click on Videos to watch interactive features such as Down the Drain, Goodbye Kitty, Not Milk and more. How Do You Say? allows you to learn common phrases in Spanish at your own speed. Before you know it, you will be able to greet all of your friends, speak about popular places and order in restaurants in Spanish! Now go play games where you can test your Spanish skills in a Word Race, or do your best to match animals, vehicles, clothes and more to their proper names.

Speak Out

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Savvy Spending

Whether you get an allowance, earn money for doing chores or score some cash in your birthday cards, it's a good idea to learn how to use your money wisely. When I was old enough to start earning an allowance, my parents encouraged me to save money rather than spend it right away. They even took me to the bank to open a savings account once I had saved enough money for the required minimum balance. I didn't put all my money into savings, but when I did spend money, it was only on things I really wanted. Saving money for a special toy or electronic gadget made me enjoy the reward even more than if I had received it as a gift.

Want to develop your own money skills? The Mint, www.themint.org, offers great tips for kids on earning, saving, giving and spending money. There’s also a section for teens that explains topics like investing, owing and safeguarding money. Curious how other kids handle their money? The Money section of PBS Kids’ It’s My Life, http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/money, has helpful articles on managing money and tips from other kids in You Said It.


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