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What is ecoliteracy?
Reading about ecosystems
Using recycled paper
The understanding of the natural world around us

What percentage of tropical reefs has been destroyed?
More than 20%

In what country does Marc Keelan-Bishop live?

Let It Flow

paintingWade into ecoliteracy with River of Words, www.river
. Nature should have a place in the classroom. This site takes students away from their desks and out into the world for unforgettable lessons. Click on Art and Poetry and read through last year's contest-winners. If you are especially inspired, you can even submit your own work for review. Move over to Students and find tips and tricks that will have you creating nature-oriented works in no time. Share this one at school and breathe some fresh air into your classroom.

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Miracle Coral

fish and coral reefCoral reefs are amazing natural wonders that need our protection. Educate yourself at The Smithsonian’s Ocean Portal: Coral Reefs, http://ocean.
. Ecosystem Basics will have you exploring these cool cities of the sea, while Featured Creatures will introduce you to a few denizens of the reefs. Unfortunately, coral reefs are in danger. Browse through Threats and Solutions to read up on why coral is in trouble, and click on Human Connections to find out what you can do to help. Take action today!

Watch and Learn

Marc the astronautMarc's Observatory, www.marcsobservatory.com, is an astronomy site for kids that takes stargazing to a whole new level. This award-winning website offers plenty of options, such as news, videos and fun space facts for you to share. What's It can help Harry Potter fans find their favorite characters in the night sky. Go to Doodads, where kid-friendly resources will have you discovering the heavens, stargazing at night and more. If you have any questions, click on Connect, where you can post queries to expert astronomers. This site is far-out!

Speak Out

What costume will you
be wearing this Halloween?

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Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween is definitely one of the best holidays for kids. Who doesn't love cool costumes, decorating pumpkins and getting free candy? If you're going trick-or-treating, it's important to know how to stay safe. These sites have great tips for kids and parents on making Halloween safe and fun for everyone. Have a Happy Halloween!

Playing It Safe on Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety for Children With Food Allergies

Halloween Safety Game


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