Week of October 23, 2011

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What kind of story is “The End of Her Story”?
A mystery story
A ghost story
A love story

What are the starters in Crystals?
Sugar and salt
Borax, sand, Epsom salt and salt
Sand, sugar and baking soda

How many questions are in the TV quiz?

Reading Rocks

RiffingtonRIF Reading Planet, www.rif.
, will have you thinking about one of the three “R’s” in new ways. Look for fun things to do on the go or in the comfort of your own home in the Activity Lab, where you can find calendars, story illustrations, coloring books and more. Play to your heart’s content over in the Game Station with choices such as Color Challenge and Sink It ‘n Solve It. Read, watch and listen in Book Zone for a relaxing afternoon where reading rules.

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Always Science

boy with magnifying glassHow much science can you handle? The 24/7 kids’ site from the Lawrence Hall of Science, www.lawrence
, challenges you to find out. Begin with brain stumpers, such as How Fast Is the Wind, where you can learn how to create your own measures to determine wind speed. Now, make an educated guess at How Old Is Your Penny, where you will gather your coins and enter information to make cool discoveries. You can also conduct Oil Spill experiments and put yourself in some Sticky Situations. This is a must-share site, so pass it on.

Lock Into Pop Culture

pop star characterMy Pop Studio, www.mypopstudio.
, invites those who are passionate about communications to try their hand at creating different forms of media. Do you love magazines? Step into the Magazine Studio and try to make your own teen magazine masterpiece. You'll learn about layout, articles, advertisements and more. Is TV more your speed? See if you have what it takes to become a producer as you edit your own show. Sing out loud in the Music Studio or flex your tech skills in the Digital Studio. Try your hand at all the different media and enjoy!

Speak Out

What is the scariest book
you have ever read?

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Dear Amy: Where can I find free computer courses and other computer information websites? — Maryam, Peshawar, Pakistan

Dear Maryam: Online learning resources like courses, tutorials and videos are making it easier than ever to learn at home. There are even websites that offer free courses and tutorials, such as www.gcflearnfree.org. This site has you covered, from Internet basics to popular software. Another great resource is www.hp.com/go/learningcenter. This site features free courses on digital photography, computer security, software and more. If you're in a hurry, you can also find quick courses.

If you want to learn about a specific software, it can be helpful to visit the software company's website or use a search engine to find information about the software. For example, the Microsoft Office website, http://office.microsoft.com, offers help and how-to information for their products.

You can also try visiting a general computer help website such as www.computerhope.com. This site has a variety of articles with computer tips, an online help forum, and even a dictionary with computer and Internet definitions. Have fun!


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