Week of October 9, 2011

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In what year did Columbus journey to the New World?

How many teeth are in your first set?

The story “I Want to Play Music Too” features which characters?
Charlie and Lola
Garth and Bev
Harry and Toto

Where Is …

US mapTest your geography skills at Interactives: United States Activity Map, www.learner.
. This dynamic website will help novices and experts discover the history and location of the 50 states. Begin with From Sea to Shining Sea to learn all about map legends and how to read them. Indians, Colonists and The Nation Expands will wow you with amazing details about America's changing face. Bookmark this site for future history and geography projects.

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Growing Pains

mangoIn your quest for kid's health information, We're Talking Too, Preteen Health, www.pamf.
, is a must-read. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation Adolescent Interest Group covers a broad range of topics, dealing with issues such as body changes, growing up and more. Being a teen can be tough because of the hormonal fluctuations you are bound to face. There are also special sections for boys and girls to address specific needs. Read up on Sleepaway Camp, Media Choices and Easy Etiquette.  Remember, you are not alone!

Speak to Me

Spanish boyLearn a new language at BBC's Primary Languages, www.bbc.co.uk/
. Check out the Lingo Show and see if you can help Lingo and his bug buddies prepare for a big multi-lingual show. Choose costumes, decorate the stage, color in a picture and take on other important tasks. Your new bug friends will speak Spanish, French, Welsh, Mandarin, Polish and more. Click on one of the bugs and select a star for the show. From counting in a new language to learning new foreign vocabulary, you will be talking the talk in no time!

Speak Out

What is the best way to make a new friend?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How do phone calls made over the Internet work? — Sara, New Haven, Conn.

Dear Sara: Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a technology that allows people to make phone calls using their Internet connection instead of a phone line. To use VoIP, you might need a VoIP phone, phone adapter, or special software and a microphone for your computer. All the methods for making a VoIP call work in basically the same way. Your voice is converted from sound waves to digital information that can be transferred over the Internet. When your friend answers the phone, your voice is converted back into sound. Most cell phones actually do this, too, but the digital information is sent using radio waves instead of an Internet connection. To learn more about VoIP, visit http://transition.fcc.gov/voip.

There are many different VoIP providers available. Google Voice, www.google.com/voice, has many cool features and charges only for international calls. Skype, www.skype.com, is another popular choice that allows you to call or video-chat with other users for free. Be sure to get a parent's permission before signing up for any of these services.


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