Week of September 18, 2011

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What color is Valerie's bike?

What is “French” in French?
Lingua Franca

What is the Human Face Maskmade of?
Stone and paint
Wood and paint
Colored paper

Take Me to the Water

estuaryWaterlife: Where Rivers Meet the Sea, http://games.
, teaches you about water conservation in our wild and wonderful world. Take an eye-opening ride with Val and meet her furry friend Oscar, who really could use your help. Start by cleaning up the dirty land and water. Look at the items closely as you sort them into the recycling bins. Now begin your search for the Oracle and see if you can help save Oscar's home. Listen closely to the Oracle's questions and do your best to answer them correctly. Good luck.

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Learning Languages

Italian girlChillola.com, foreign language learning for kids, is a must-see for anyone interested in speaking a second, third or even fourth language. This site teaches children basic words in French, German, Spanish, English and Italian. New cultures are just a few clicks away, so learn all you can about the country of your choice. Turn up the speakers on your computer and listen closely for special pronunciations and intonations as you learn new words, and print out Worksheets to test your knowledge. Try counting out loud in Spanish!


maskLooking Closely: Art That Tells a Story, www.echospace.org/asset_
, helps you uncover the real deal behind works of art. Look closely. A piece of art can tell about an event, illustrate themes, secure traditions, reveal histories and inspire new art. Click on one of the works, such as the Maui Wall Hanging, Buffalo Robe, Chilkat Blanket or others, to discover the hidden meanings. Ask yourself the questions posted next to each work and see if you can figure out the messages for yourself. Share this one with your art teacher.

Speak Out

What is your favorite song to sing?

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Getting Good Advice

Growing up isn't always easy, and from time to time you might have questions about anything from crushes to bullies to health issues. Fortunately, there are some terrific sites for kids that offer advice on all these topics and more. These sites are great for general advice, but if you need more specific advice, it's a good idea to ask a parent or trusted adult. Here are a few of my favorite places for advice and helpful information.

It's My Life


Health Information for Girls

BAM! Body and Mind

Kids' Health


Ask Amy a Question

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