Week of September 4, 2011

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How long have roaches been on Earth?
Over 100 million years
Over 300 million years
Over 500 million years

Who directed the film “Africa United”?
Debs Gardner-Paterson
Barnaby Barford
Sherrie Silver

Who was the first man in space?
Alan Shepard
John Glenn
Yuri Gargarin

Bio Quest

butterflyAsk a Biologist, http://aska
, is a great resource for budding scientists. Activities is the perfect place to play, learn and create as you solve puzzles and help Dr. Biology tackle some tricky science mysteries. You might also feast your eyes on beautiful but puzzling photos in the Mystery Gallery under Images. Think you know what they are? Take a guess, but you might be surprised. Now relax with Stories and learn about the all-powerful roach and the groundbreaking Linnaeus naming system in the world of biology.

Nominate a cool website at:

Reel Fun

boy with cameraFilm Street, www.filmstreet.co.uk, invites all movie buffs and aspiring filmmakers to watch real-life cinematographers in action and then try to create their own mini-masterpieces. Begin with People in Film to meet the cool kids who create these works of art and then find inspirational film techniques. Now move over to Movies and enjoy films such as “The Pool at the End of the Earth” and “Donkey and Bob.” Do you feel like an expert yet? Stop Frame Animator wants you to submit your own original movie for review. Roll film!

Take Flight

rocket launchCelebrate Fifty Years of Human Spaceflight at www.nasm.si.edu/
. See The Dream Comes True and discover who explored space first and orbited the most. Space travel was no easy task, so click on Technological Challenges to find out about different elements such as launch vehicles and life support that helped the pilots to get to where they needed to go. Browse through Piercing Soviet Secrecy to discover how the U.S. kept tabs on the Soviet space program while creating one of its own.

Speak Out

What bug scares you the most?

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You might have heard the word phytonutrients, also called phytochemicals, in the news or in advertisements. Although these words may sound complicated, “phyto” simply means plant, and phytonutrients are nutrients found in plants. They're the chemicals that give fruits and vegetables their brilliant colors. For example, anthocyanins give blueberries their blue hue, and beta-carotene makes carrots orange. Each different phytonutrient helps to keep you healthy in different ways. Some prevent cancers, while others give you healthier skin.

To get all the different benefits from your food, try to eat foods from all the different color groups. Visit SuperKids Nutrition, www.superkidsnutrition.
, to learn more about phytonutrients. It will show you a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and has info on how they keep you healthy. With coloring pages, activities, tips and more, this site makes nutrition fun and delicious.


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