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How did igneous rocks form?
From melted rock deep in the Earth
From tiny pieces of rock that are broken down by wind and water
From rocks deep in the Earth's crust

What colors are on the Inverted Jenny stamp?
Red, orange and white
Green, yellow and blue
Red, white and blue

How long can an ostrich live?
20 years
40 years
60 years

Earth Science

jadeEnjoy some real science gems at OLogy's Earth:
Our World in Motion, www.amnh.org/ology/
. Begin with Grow Rock Candy, where tasty treats and natural feats are waiting for your discovery. Now, Explore the Evidence with Plates on the Move and find out how plate tectonics affect the world we live in. Take a deep dive in a submarine to the bottom of the ocean floor with Journey to Deep Sea Vents, where underwater life is surviving and thriving every day in the dark waters. Share with your favorite rock hound.

Nominate a cool website at:

Special Delivery

stampStop and check the mail at the Smithsonian's Fad to Fundamental: Airmail in America, http://npm.si.edu/
. Begin with Pilot Stories and get the scoop from the “front lines” as pilots such as Maj. Reuben Fleet tell their tales from 5,000 feet up. Historic Planes celebrates the vehicles used to deliver the stamped goods and describes how the postal service came to be. Spend a few minutes navigating the Timeline to discover important dates in the history of airmail. Then browse through collectibles and special stamps in Object Showcase.

African Animals

giraffeThe African Wildlife Foundation invites you to visit Conserving Wildlife: Wildlife Gallery, www.awf.org/section/
. Begin by perusing the fabulous photos of amazing animals listed in alphabetical order. Did you know that a bonobo can live up to 60 years in captivity, or that a hyena can weigh up to 190 pounds? You can listen to the lion’s roar and learn about the short but powerful warthog. Each animal has its own set of statistics to offer up, so take your time and enjoy them all. This site is a virtual safari, so prepare to be swept away!

Speak Out

What is your favorite class in school?

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Dear Amy: I want to start a newspaper for my neighborhood. What should I write about? — Anonymous, Bristol, Va.

Dear Anonymous: Grab a copy of a local newspaper and start reading through it. You can also look through an online news site such as CBBC Newsround, http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews. Which articles are interesting to you? Newspapers usually include a variety of subjects including local news, sports and entertainment. You might also find book and movie reviews, recipes, comics and puzzles. Any of these features would be great in a neighborhood paper.

For local news articles, you might want to write about upcoming events at school and in the community. Consider contacting one of the event organizers and interviewing him or her to get more details. You can also attend local events and write about your experience. Be sure to take a camera if you want to include pictures with your article!

There are a couple things you should remember when you write your articles. Get permission before printing someone else's work — otherwise it's plagiarism. Also, be sure not to print gossip or mean comments about others; it could hurt their feelings. Good luck!


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