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What is venom?
A food
A poison

Where is the Environment Agency responsible for management?
England and Wales

Why do native children wear the same outfits as their elders?
To save resources
To help them carry on tradition
To show respect

Slither and Crawl

chameleonGet ready to Uncover Lizards and Snakes, http://teacher.
, where you will be challenged to learn all you can about squamates. Lizards and snakes share many interesting characteristics. Review Words to Know and get a leg up on important vocabulary so that you can pass along your knowledge. Meet the Squamates invites you to watch a slideshow about the eating and hunting patterns of these reptiles. Fill out the PDF chart and record your own original research. Pass this one on to your science teacher.

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Dig It!

earthwormGet ready to get dirty when you dive into Soil-Net.com, www.soil-net.com. Soil is an amazing and important natural resource that is often overlooked. Click on Case Studies, where you can explore Food Production, Ecology, Land Reclamation and more. Go to Threats to Soil to learn the ins and outs of pollution and acid rain. See what you can do to help. If the written word is more your speed, check out Soils and Literature for poems and stories featuring this precious resource. This site will teach you to love the land and help you appreciate its role in our culture.

In the Eye of the Beholder

patterned blanketBeauty Surrounds Us, www.nmai.si.
, will introduce you to significant pieces of art that celebrate native cultures while pleasing the eye. Many natives created everyday items that were functional and appealing. Begin with Communication Through Sound where musical instruments such as shells, flutes and drums are waiting for your discovery. You can also look at clothing created for children to reflect their identity and protect them. Browse through Tools of Existence to discover how beauty and function go hand-in-hand.

Speak Out

What is the scariest animal?

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Go for the A+

Now that the summer is ending, it's time to head back to school. I'm always excited to see which friends will be in my classes and meet my new teachers. However, I'm less excited about having homework again. Homework doesn't have to be hard, though. There are tons of websites with great tips and resources to help you get the job done. Start the school year off on the right foot with these homework helper sites.

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

Homework Spot

Study Skills Articles

Purdue Online Writing Lab


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