Week of August 14, 2011

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How long is the space shuttle?
91 feet
127 feet
184 feet

What is Liz Cottrell's job?
Entomologist at the Smithsonian
Forensic Anthropologist at the Smithsonian
Director of the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program

Where was Victor Trumper born?
Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Adelaide, Australia

Prepare to Launch

space shuttleCelebrate the Space Shuttle at NASA’s www.nasa.gov/externalflash/the_shuttle. Blast off from the Florida coast and take a tour through the shuttle's historic missions. As you soar into space, make sure you don’t miss the Shuttle System. This awesome feature allows you to take a close look at the boosters, the orbiter and the fuel tank, which help power your craft into the great unknown. Now click over to the Rollout and see the path the shuttle takes as it moves into position for blast-off. Share this with all the space-lovers in your life.

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A Science Experiment

diver underwaterScientists @ the Smithsonian, www.smithsonian
, will have you rethinking your future career. Many different kinds of people decide to be scientists. Look through the photos of these inspiring contributors and see what strikes your fancy. Do you want to be a “coral whisperer” and speak to the seas? Maybe you want to work cold cases and solve important mysteries. If bugs are your thing, buzz off with the bee tracker. From matchmakers to seed-readers, a variety of skills are represented in science jobs.

Game On!

Victor TrumperThe First Golden Age of Cricket, www.nma.gov.au/interactives/tlf/
, will introduce you to a popular sport down-under in Australia. Hop on the lawn mower and begin your journey into a sport with a rich history. Where do talented cricket teams come from? Take a guess and choose the top 10 countries. Compare your list to the list of countries colonized by England. Do you see any similarities? Now rummage through the lockers of famous cricket players, learn about women’s cricket, and then create your own newsreel about the sport.

Speak Out

What is the best way to show
you are a good friend?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What would be a good job for me in the future? — Jahnae, Maple Heights, Ohio

Dear Jahnae: Deciding what you want to be when you're older can be tough because there are so many choices! Make a list of activities you enjoy. Then think about how you could turn them into a career. For example, if you like spending time with animals, you could become a veterinarian or a dog trainer. Maybe you enjoy doing things on the computer. There are tons of jobs for computer pros, such as a computer engineer or a web developer. A great website to find career ideas based on your interests is www.bls.gov/k12. Choose a topic you enjoy and learn about cool careers in that subject area.

You can also try taking a personality test online to see what kind of jobs would suit you. Try the What’s Your Job Personality? quiz at www.kidzworld.com/quiz/2815-quiz-what-is-your-job-personality. Once you've discovered your type, you’ll learn what jobs will best put your talents to use.

While these sites can help you come up with job ideas, only you can decide what career is right for you. It's also OK to change your mind later!


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