Week of August 7, 2011

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What renovation is occurring in the living room?
Refinishing wood floors
Painting the walls
Installing new carpet

High energy levels are the result of what?
Good eating habits
Good exercise habits
Good eating and exercise habits

When did the Wild West shows take place?
Early 1800's
Late 1800's
Early 1900's

Toxic Tales

houseWelcome to Toxmystery, a place where kids can learn all about potentially harmful substances found in the home, http://toxmystery.
. Ring the doorbell and follow Toxie the cat to begin your challenge. Can you identify the hazards in Toxie's house? Go from room to room and see if you can answer questions about dangerous items such as paint, glue, heaters, poison and more. Watch your step and keep your eyes peeled. You will be surprised by some of what you see.

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Peak Performance

softball playerSports and Nutrition: The Winning Connection, http://urbanext.illinois.
, is a wonderful resource for aspiring athletes, or those looking to improve their health and performance. Sports are increasingly competitive for young people, so get a leg up on your opponents with a healthy diet. Compare your diet to the Training Table Guide to see what you need to eat more of and what to leave on your plate to escape “fourth-quarter fatigue." The rules are simple, so you can begin today. Share this one with your coach to score a winning team!

Horse Nation

horseA Song for the Horse Nation, www.
, tells the unforgettable story of the relationship between Native Americans and their prized horses. This celebrated animal has had a great impact on the lives of many American Indians. Click on Impact of the Horse to see how horses changed hunting and warfare, and made travel more efficient. Next, browse through Decline and Revival to learn more about Native horse breeds and the Crow Fair Parade. This site is sure to give you new appreciation for the noble steed.

Speak Out

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School on the Go

Imagine walking into math class and pulling out your smartphone as you sit at your desk. The teacher gives the class a few warm-up problems to solve, and then you IM the answer to your teacher. Sound like a fantasy? For students in Onslow County Schools in North Carolina, this is a regular day in a Project K-Nect math class. These schools are paving the way for the tech-savvy education of the future. Someday students will have digital copies of textbooks on mobile devices, making heavy backpacks a thing of the past. You might even do all your homework on your mobile device and submit it electronically.

For a taste of the future today, there are many apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones that make learning fun. For example, Encyclopedia Britannica Kids makes apps that let you explore the rain forest, visit ancient Egypt and learn about the world's deadliest volcanoes. Visit http://corporate.
to learn more. You can find even more cool educational kids apps at www.bestkidsapps.com. Have fun!


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