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When was the The President's Council on Sustainable Development created?

What is the Baa-Lambs quiz about?
A Ford-Maddox painting

In what month is the Lord Mayor's coach used?


tree globeStewards of the Earth: The Future is Ours, http://library.thinkquest.
, focuses on our role in the Earth's health. Do you think you know what it means to be “green”? Click through the different topics on the top of the page to learn about obstacles, solutions, successes and more. Test your Earth savvy with the Quiz. Then read up on Australia’s green initiatives for ideas you can implement in your area. Remember that entrepreneurs are a major asset to the planet and have achieved amazing environmental goals. Get started with your ideas today!

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BeMused and Confused!

swanLet your learning excitement take over at BeMused, http://bemused.bmag
. This site, featuring the Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery, wants you to be an active participant in your next museum experience. Do you like to make your own art? Submit your best work at the Gallery. You can also watch some great videos on cool topics such as poetry and dance. Move on over to Activities if you want to play games and take quizzes to test your knowledge. Remember to participate: Your education is your responsibility.

If You Build It…

double decker busThe Museum of London’s Move and Make, www.museumoflondon.org.uk/
, challenges you to flex your architectural muscles. First you must choose whether you want to make a building or a vehicle. Begin with the Roman warehouse. Click and drag doors, windows and roofs. Once it is complete, you can choose which color to make it. If you are looking for inspiration as you engineer the item of your choice, you can always click on “See a real…” for a historical example. How did you do?

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to “beat the heat”?

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Dear Amy: Why can't I ever seem to focus when I'm doing math? — Emily, Easton, Pa.

Dear Emily: There are lots of reasons why someone might have trouble focusing during class or homework time. Do you pass notes to friends during class or chat on instant messenger while doing your homework? Allowing distractions during class or study time can definitely make focusing harder.

Having to sit still for long periods of time, such as during class, can be hard for many people, but getting enough exercise can help. Scientific research has shown that people are more focused and perform better on memory tests after physical activity. Try getting some exercise before doing your math homework and see if it helps you concentrate. You could also try sitting on a stability ball at a desk while doing your homework. Sitting on the ball will keep you moving as you try to keep your balance. For more ideas on using physical activity to help you focus, visit www.kidsrunning.com/

Feeling tired or hungry can also make it difficult to focus, so be sure to get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast before school!


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