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What is the last item on the rookie training checklist?
Firearms and Toolmarks
CSI Ethics
Medical Examiner

What are bird feathers made of?

How much did the Apollo 11 and Saturn V rocket weigh together?
1.7 million pounds
4.3 million pounds
Over 6.2 million pounds

Crime Stoppers

fingerprintCSI: Web Adventures, http://forensics.rice.edu, will have young sleuths scratching their heads as they attempt to solve important police cases. Are you ready to “bag it and tag it”? Rookie Training is the perfect place for young gumshoes, so click here to begin. As you visit different crime scenes, collect tools to help you on your quest. Intermediate crime stoppers can flex their muscles in Canine Caper, the dog show mystery. When you are ready, move onto Burning Star, where advanced kids will surely shine. Did you manage to solve all three?

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A Zoo Visit

zebraHow close do you live to your local zoo? San Diego Zoo Kids, http://kids.sandiegozoo.org, is just a click away, so no need to get into the car and drive for an awesome animal adventure. Begin with Animals for a look at amphibians, birds, insects, mammals and reptiles. Lions and elephants are only two of the amazing offerings in Mammals. Click through the slide show to see what other creatures roam the zoo. Full of information and fabulous photography, this site brings wild creatures to your computer screen. Share and enjoy.

One Step

Buzz AldrinSmithsonian Education's Apollo 11, Walking on the Moon, www.smithsonianeducation.org/
, will send you into the stratosphere. Click on Learn More to begin your journey into space. The history of the space race is front and center, so if you have a project coming up, bookmark this as a reference. There is a complete timeline available to curious NASA protégés. You can also mouse over the bar at the bottom of the page for information on topics such as the crew, life in space, after splashdown and more!

Speak Out

What is the best way to show
someone you are sorry?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Why is it important not to write in all-capital letters when you're sending a message to a friend? — Tiffany, Pike, Ky.

Dear Tiffany: Sending a message, whether it's an email or a text message, is a little different than talking to your friend in person. It can be hard to tell how someone is feeling just from the text in a message. You could say something jokingly in a message, but your friend might think you were serious. Using emoticons in a message can help your recipient understand how you're feeling. For example, you might type :-) if you're happy or :-( if you're sad. Learn more about emoticons at http://encyclopedia.kids.net.au/

When you're online or sending a text message, typing in all-capital letters makes it look like you're yelling. This is a definite “don't” for online etiquette, sometimes called netiquette. A good general rule to use is that if you wouldn't say or do something in public, then you shouldn't online either. For more netiquette tips, check out www.bpl.org/kids/netiquette.htm. Remember to treat everyone you meet online with respect. Have fun and stay safe!


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