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Which European empire collapsed during the Dark Ages?
The Roman Empire
The Russian Empire
The Ottoman Empire

Where was the VISIONS '05 expedition?
Southwest Atlantic
Northeast Pacific

What year was “Nyrmla's Wedding II” painted?

Evolution of Physics

world mapInteracts: Physics.org, www.physics.org/interact/
, invites kids to explore the featured map so that you understand the map key before you begin your journey into the evolution of physics. Move through ages such as the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution, and learn about all the advancements that were made during each time period. Click the blue question mark if you need help while you explore. These highlights would knock the socks off of your science teacher, so pass it along and move to the head of the class.

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Deep Sea Dive

sea creatureDive In the dark waters to discover life on the bottom of the sea at the National Science Foundation's Seafloor Science, www.nsf.gov/news/
. Click on Shipboard Scenes for a photo slide show of talented researchers hard at work on their research ship. Life Forms is a cool spot for exotic viewings of deep-sea dwellers such as the extremophiles and vent creatures. Be amazed at Tools of Discovery, where you can see hardworking vessels that push through the water as they explore the sea floor.

Culture Combo

paintingThe Singh twins at ArtisanCam Exploring Cultures, www.artisancam.
, will wow you with their cool collaborative art. These siblings often work together on the same piece. They use traditional Indian painting imagery combined with western details in their colorful expressions. There are a number of modern items to search for, so keep your eyes peeled. You can also create your own landscape painting and shift between Indian and western versions of the same scene. Cool!

Speak Out

Who is your favorite superhero? Why?

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Sweet Summer Reads

Whether you've joined a summer reading program or just enjoy a good book, summertime is a great time to read. Not only will you keep your reading skills sharp for when school starts again, but reading can be lots of fun too! If the weather is nice, I like to read outside and enjoy the sunshine. Reading is also a great way to beat the heat when it's too hot to play. Not sure what to read? Here are some sites with lots of great suggestions for what to read this summer. Get started!

Summer Reading

Classic Reading Lists

Summertime Favorites

Alphabetical List of Kids' Booklists


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