Week of April 24, 2011

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What unit do scientists use to measure nanotechnology?
A nanoinch
A nanometer
A nanotron

What holiday is Toys for Tots centered around?
Valentine's Day

What kind of animal is perched on the clock?
A bird
A chameleon
A tiger

Knowing Nano

bacteriaWelcome to the Nanozone, www.nanozone.org, dedicated to breaking down nanotechnology so that curious young minds can appreciate and understand this complex science that stretches the limits of imagination. Click on the white rat to discover just how teeny tiny nanotech gets as scientists move atoms and molecules to create new and wonderful things. For future career inspiration, check out the Nano Stat Cards to see the brains behind the brilliance. Now browse through Nanocomix to meet other budding scientists.

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Oinking and Banking

mint coin pressThe $mart Piggy: Making Money Count, http://library
00196, wants to make you a better saver and smarter spender. Do you get an allowance? Do you work for your money? What do you do with your money when you have it? This website is committed to helping you make decisions about what kinds of jobs you can do in and out of your house to increase your cash flow. Once you decide how much you will charge an hour, get out there and work your way into financial security. You are never too young to start.

Old School, but Super Cool

Mr. RogersDo you know Mister Rogers? Surely many of your parents will remember him from their childhoods. Take a safe and happy trip to PBS Kids’ Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, http://pbskids.org/rogers. Begin your journey at Mister Rogers' house, where you can mouse around to find stories and games. Take the trolley to begin your magical journey into a make-believe fantasy world sure to charm young and old alike. See kings and queens, dressed-up cats and wise old owls. The good times never end, so enjoy this world of pretend.

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Dear Amy: Is Wikipedia a good website to use? — Kristian, Mesa, Ariz.

Dear Kristian: Wikipedia isn't like a regular encyclopedia. Its users can write or edit articles. It can be a great resource, but some information on the site is inaccurate or biased. Many schools and teachers have a rule stating that students can't cite Wikipedia for research papers or projects, because it's not a reliable source. However, Wikipedia can be a good place to look for other sources of information.

At the end of each article is a section where all the references the author used are listed. A thorough article will often have many websites and books cited that would be good sources for your research. The next section on the page, External Links, is a list of links to other sites with more information on the topic. For more information on how to use Wikipedia for research, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Researching_with_Wikipedia.

Sometimes I use Wikipedia to get some quick information on a subject. I just remember to read with a critical eye and to make sure that the article’s sources are credible.


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