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Where is Hiroshima?

What is "Pop” art short for?
Paintings Or Print Art
Popular Art
Soda Pop Art

Where is Salt Lake City?

Reliving World War II

WWII airplaneTake a time machine back to the days of WWII when you move through World War II Remembered, http://teacher.
. Check out the featured projects as you read special sections on Anne Frank, Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima. There are also cool write-ups on military missions and operations, so take time to learn about how war efforts were launched. There are many great activities that you can take to your history class, so this is one to bookmark for school or for future projects.

Nominate a cool website at:

Art Now

tiled artworkContemporary stARTs, http://camh.org/
, is all about how modern-day art can be better understood and appreciated by young people just like you. Learn about your role as a viewer of art. Take special notice of the media, or materials used in the works. Click on the images for specifics in each category. You should also look deeply at the themes because art can communicate many kinds of social messages. After browsing through the artworks, you will be a more informed surveyor of the art of our time.

A Natural Wonder

weather from spaceHave you wondered how the Earth looks when the seasons change? Thanks to NASA technology, you can see this amazing phenomenon from space. NASA's The Change of Seasons, www.nasa.gov/externalflash/
, invites you to push “start” to begin your trip into satellite imagery. You will get an eyeful of water vapor, snowstorms, sea ice, Amazon water storage and more. These amazing visuals are accompanied by great information on the science surrounding these weather wonders. Pass it on.

Speak Out

What is something that nobody
knows about you?

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Dear Amy: I love to write stories, and I recently decided to write a novel. I just seem to be having a tough time staying on track and actually writing! What are some tips you can give me on writing? — Jessie, Pembroke Pines, Fla.

Dear Jessie: I haven't written a novel myself, but I've done a lot of writing over the years. It can be hard to stay motivated if there isn't a deadline for your work. For many people, including myself, the hardest part is getting started. What I do is just start writing even if it sounds silly. You can always go back and edit anything you want to change later.

A great tip I learned in a creative writing class is to write in a journal daily. You can write down ideas for your novel, things that happened to you that day or even just random thoughts. The more often you write, the easier it will be to keep writing.

Joining a writer's group, whether it's one that meets locally or virtually, can get you excited about writing. When you share your work with other writers, they can give meaningful feedback and offer encouragement when you're struggling. For more tips on staying motivated, check out www.fictionfactor.
. Good luck on your novel!


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