Week of April 3, 2011

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What vegetable is featured in "I Am Shrinking"?

What is the purple color
in the electromagnetic spectrum?

What are the conditions in the St. Lawrence Estuary?
Warm freshwater
Cold freshwater
Cold saltwater

A World of Rhyme

alienWelcome to Jack Prelutsky, www.jackprelutsky.com, a wonderful web world celebrating art and poetry. Click on the sun to enter, and then mouse over the picture to choose where to begin. Has your dog ever eaten your homework? Well, what about your valentine? Maybe you want to check up on a greedy and ambitious cow who cannot stop pigging out! If that delectable pizza is catching your eye, prepare yourself for a sun-sized treat that will surely be hard to beat. From slow horses to earthbound aliens, this site is sure to amuse.
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A Broad Spectrum

Amelia the pidgeonNASA's Imagers, http://science.hq.
, is an interactive adventure where kids can learn about remote sensing. Follow Echo through Arizona as he travels to his winter hibernaculum to rest his weary wings. You can also meet up with Amelia the Pigeon as she gets her camera and takes an unforgettable trip to the zoo. Next, browse through the EM Spectrum and You. Did you know that you are exposed to the electromagnetic spectrum every time you use a cell phone or a microwave? Science is all around us, so enjoy it!

Your New Mission

lynxNature Missions, www2.ville.montreal.
, is a place where young explorers can travel the globe, learn about new environments and the creatures that inhabit them. Each destination has a special mission for hardy troupers, so prepare yourself for the challenge. You may be asked to identify animals and organisms, and to play games. You will meet amazing experts such as Professor Penguin, secret agent Lynx-eye and Captain Fish, so choose your destination for an exciting trip.
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Disaster Zone

No matter where you live, whether you're in the middle of Tornado Alley or near a faultline, it's always good to be prepared in case of emergency. Putting together a simple emergency supply kit is a great idea for every family. You'll definitely want to include blankets, a flashlight, bottled water, non-perishable food items and any important medications. For more ideas on what to pack in your supply kit, download the Ready Kids Family Supply List, www.ready.gov/kids/downloads/familylist.pdf.

You will also need a plan for what to do in case of different emergencies. While you'll want to evacuate the house in case of a fire, during an earthquake you should drop, cover and hold on. That means drop to the floor, get under something for cover and hold on tight. For a list of potential disasters and information on how to stay safe during them, visit FEMA for Kids, www.fema.gov/kids/dizarea.htm.

Disasters can be scary, but they're a lot less so when you're prepared. Talk to your parents or guardians about creating an emergency supply kit and action plan. Together you can take on anything nature throws at you!


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