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How many sources does your brain get information from?

Which treaty opened Japanese ports to U.S. ships?
Maastricht Treaty
The Treaty of Kanagawa
Washington Naval Treaty

How was the mummy's brain removed?
With an embalming hook
With a spoon
With a vacuum

Making Brain Waves

brainYour brain is a wonderful, complicated and integral part of what makes you, you. Visit OLogy's Brain, www.amnh.org/ology/?
, for a peek into the amazing human mind. Brain: The Inside Story is a perfect place to get info on emotions, sensing and thinking. Did you know that your brain is always changing? As you grow, new connections and pathways are created to help you navigate through knowledge. Before you move on, see the science behind fascinating technologies such as deep brain stimulation and brain-computer interfaces.

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Interpret the Beast

nature spiritPacific Asia Museum's Nature of the Beast, www.pacificasia
, is an artistic resource for animal lovers. Begin with the timeline, where Japanese history will flash before your eyes, highlighted by beautiful works of animal art. Take note of the red diamonds for information on events that helped shape the Edo period. Then play fun and educational games such as Find the Beetle and create your own beast with Monster Generator. You can also weigh in on your favorite artwork when you Pick a Fav.

Inside the Mummy

mummyOdds are, you know what a mummy is. But do you know what a real one looks like? Inside the Mummies, www.schoolsliaison.org.uk/kids/
, wants to show you actual mummies with cool photos and X-ray shots. Choose from a Greco-Roman mummy, Namenkhetamun or Padimut to begin your exploration. The mummy of your choice will be highlighted with orange dots. Click on one of the dots to discover what lies under the surface. From stuffed necks to false eyes, you will be amazed at what these bodies went through prior to burial.

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Dear Amy: What are some informative and interesting websites for books, and where can I find the latest book releases? — Anonymous, Dallas

Dear Anonymous: There are tons of cool book websites out there! If you want to check out reading recommendations and reviews, try BookHooks at www.bookhooks.com. This site has thousands of reviews written by kids from around the world. Scan the home page to find the latest reviews and lists of popular authors, or click on Browse Reports to search for a book. When you're done reading, you can write a review to add to the collection. Scholastic's Share What You're Reading, http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/swyar, is another cool review site, where you can browse books by genre or grade level. For even more book sites, visit Cool Spots at www.4kids.org/coolspots and click on Reading Room.

Finding book release information is a little trickier. If you're looking for a specific book's release date, try searching for the book at an online bookstore such as www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnoble.com. The release date and other information from the publisher will be listed in the product details. Enjoy your new reads!


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