Week of March 13, 2011

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How long has Pi been known?
Almost 2000 years
Almost 4000 years
Almost 8000 years

What is the Globe of Science and Innovation made of?
Recycled plastic
Soda cans

Which gemstone was crushed to create a deep blue paint?
Lapis lazuli
Lace Agate

A Slice of Pi

3.14Welcome to Explora-
torium's Pi Day, www.
, where this infinite number, 3.14159 … shares its international celebration day with you. Did you know this number's special day is also Einstein's birthday? Click on A Brief History of Pi to see how this mysterious number came to be and which mathematicians brought it into the public eye. You can flex the creative side of your brain as you participate in Pi-related fun and search through Pi links. Share this site with your class, and go get your math on!

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Not Candyland, but…

particle collisionCERNLand, https://project-cernland.web.cern.ch/
, makes CERN's amazing research into particle physics accessible to kids all over the world. Choose a language to begin. Lend Microboy a hand as you catch enough particles to create atoms and help him take flight. Move on over to the Powers of Ten to travel the universe, changing the scale by increments of ten to embrace new perspectives on everyday items. Challenge yourself in SuperBob, a super cool video game where Bob tests his skills in an accelerator!

Get the Scoop

drinking glassArt Scoops, www.getty.edu/
, brought to you by the J. Paul Getty Museum, will bring out the curious collector in everyone, expert and novice alike. The Getty Museum houses a rich collection with amazing subject matter sure to appeal to parents or kids looking for lessons in art. Are you attracted to fresh things? Do you love style and fashion? Maybe all things spooky and kooky mesmerize you? Colorful and magical creations are also just a click away. So get lucky, or fancy, and discover an impressive variety of art.

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What is the best way to welcome spring?

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Dear Amy: Will we run out of freshwater? — Bre'Miah, Minneapolis

Dear Bre'Miah: For years scientists and politicians have been worried about the state of the world's water supply. Only a small percentage of Earth's water is freshwater that is easily accessible. The water supply isn't distributed evenly, either. More than 1 billion people around the world do not have access to a clean, safe water supply. In order to bring awareness to this and other water-related problems, the United Nations designated March 22 International World Water Day. To learn more, visit the World Water Day website at www.unwater.org/wwd.html.

Now more than ever, it's important to conserve our freshwater. Ask your parents if they would consider installing a low-flow showerhead. Many are available for less than $10. Other ways to save water are to take shorter showers and to turn off the water while brushing your teeth. For more water-saving ideas, visit www.saveourh2o.org/index.cfm/for-kids/10-things-that-you-can-do-to-help-save-californiae28099s-water. I bet you can think of even more ways to help save Earth’s most precious resource!


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