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What was one of Monica's interests as a kid?
Playing tennis

What are values?
Valuable items that people collect
Ideas we have about what is right and wrong
Solutions to problems

What is sustainability?
Making technology obsolete
Using non-renewable energy
Making sure we provide a good environment for humans and nature

Catch This Bug

science bugWelcome to Catch the Science Bug Website, www.sciencebug.org, where you can investigate sensational science activities and games guaranteed to entertain your curious brain. Start by exploring your backyard to see what the local plants, animals and bugs are up to. Scan the Science Files to begin a great adventure as you solve puzzles and expand your knowledge with fun tests. Meet Our Scientists to get to know the special folks behind the expertise and see if any of their jobs, such as science educator and veterinarian, are interesting to you.

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Bounce Back

kangarooBecome a stronger you at Embrace the Future, Resilient Kids' Site, www.embracethefuture.org
. First things first, discover your strengths when you take the resiliency quiz. Answer thought-provoking questions and get tips on becoming happier and healthier. Click on Being Me to read through all the reasons why being different makes you amazing. If you are feeling down, read up on Solving Problems, where you can brainstorm solutions and learn to think sunny thoughts even when it’s cloudy and gray.

A Jolt of Energy

Ergon ManZap! Welcome to Ergon Energy, www.ergon.com.au/ergonia, where kids can congregate to learn about energy and electricity. Click on About Electricity to find out how electricity is produced and how it travels to get to our houses. Electricity is awesome, but it can also be dangerous if its powers are not respected. Click the Safety tab for important rules and tips that little ones can print off and follow. From turning turbines and powerhouse power stations, this site will add some zing to any science lover's day.

Speak Out

How do you stay resilient
in a tough situation?

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Dear Amy: What color are your inner intestines? — Charlie, El Paso, Texas

Dear Charlie: If you're not feeling squeamish, you can actually see for yourself! Visit www.uihealthcare.com/topics/medicaldepartments/
to see a picture of the inside of the small intestine. Doctors can take a peek inside the digestive system thanks to the endoscope, a thin, flexible tube with a camera and a light on the end. The latest technology is a wireless camera called the “PillCam video capsule” that can take pictures from inside your body. This tiny camera that you swallow takes two pictures per second and transmits them to a data recorder. To find out more, visit www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/insidenova/2010/07/the-next-

If you take an even closer look inside the small intestine, you’ll find it’s covered in tiny finger-like structures called villi. They help your body absorb the nutrients from your food. For an up-close look at villi and other parts of the small intestine, visit www.udel.edu/biology/Wags/histopage/colorpage/
. The human body is truly amazing!


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