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Why were some mummies buried with board games?
Because board games were considered very valuable
So they could play in the afterlife
Because they didn't have any children to give their board games to

Which clay is snow-white?
China clay

What is the Mauritius parakeet's
Latin name?
Psittacula eques echo
Piranga ludoviciana
Picoides arcticus

An Egyptian Wish

Egyptian pyramidWho's Your Mummy?, www.childrensmuseum.org/
, will teach you about mummification and eternal life. Did you know that bodies were preserved so that the dead could recognize and then return to their mummified forms? After a person died the body went to the embalmer. The brain was removed and the internal organs were extracted, wrapped and put into jars. Then the body was cleaned, carefully dehydrated and wrapped. Watch the video and listen closely to discover this amazing process.

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Get Your Game On

fanEast Meets West, www.honoluluacademy.org/
, is an educational game that will show you why risk-taking explorers traveled far and wide to discover unknown lands and the goods they brought home with them. Did you know fans were one of the most popular souvenirs brought back from the East? Next, drag your mouse over a popular porcelain pattern to reveal the history behind the motif. As you move through questions about different materials, enjoy the art, silks and journeys this site has to offer.

Wired Into the Wild

penguinsEarth Rangers at www.earthrangers.com, want to bring back the wild in a big way by educating young people about the struggles animals face in their quest for survival. Get your daily dose of biodiversity basics by clicking “Start,” where you can access the latest posts and browse through the archives. Check back often for valuable information on cool topics such as the lazy red panda, walrus teeth and diving turtles. There are many areas you can search through, so learn how squids “talk” to one another and find out what a camel stores in its hump today!

Speak Out

What is the best way to show
someone you love them?

Speak Out Here!

Tropical Treasures

Rainforests are some of the most beautiful places on Earth and are home to more than half the world's known species of plants and animals. Did you know that rainforest trees and plants create one-third of the world's oxygen? Rainforests are crucial to the health of our planet, but they are in danger. Production of plastic, paper and other petroleum products is harmful to rainforests. Reducing the use of these products is just one thing you can do to help save them. Learn more ways to help and find out cool facts at these informative sites.

Seven Steps Kids Can Take

Tropical Rainforest Information for Kids

Kids Saving the Rainforest


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