Week of February 6, 2011

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What happens to Earth’s temperature as CO2 levels rise?
It goes up
It goes down
It doesn't change

Carrots have a lot of which vitamin?
Vitamin B2
Vitamin D
Vitamin A

How did Beethoven begin his musical career?
As a violinist
As a pianist
As a composer

Growing Green

lightbulbThe American Museum of Natural History welcomes inquiring minds and busy hands to check in at OLogy's Climate Change, www.amnh.
. Visit the highlights section for information on how you can build your very own terrarium to test Earth's ways. Find a clear container, plants, rocks and a few other small items to begin. This project demonstrates how the Greenhouse Effect works, so prepare to be amazed and enlightened. Share this project with your science teacher and compare the results with your classmates.

Nominate a cool website at:

Fun With Food

jackfruit next to footballWe all know not to play with our food, but Food Fun, From Apples to Zucchini, http://urbanext.illinois.edu/
, will show you a good time while teaching you about fruits and veggies as you move through the alphabet. Find inspiration for cooking and snacking on some fruit classics, such as the apple. From applesauce to sticky taffy apple delights, the letter A will start your belly rumbling. You can also learn about garlic, horseradish and the humongous jackfruit. So spice up your life with a jalapeno or pucker up with a lemon today.

Music to My Ears

statue of BeethovenGet ready to meet a legendary rock star at ARTSEDGE, Beethoven Rocks, http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/
. This moody and bad-tempered mastermind knew he was fabulously talented and was not afraid to show the world how amazing he was. His composition style forever changed the way people listened to music and continues to influence popular musicians today. This audio slide show takes you through Beethoven’s life and famous works, such as “Ode to Joy,” and prepares you for the musical symphonies to come.

Speak Out

What is your favorite sinful treat?

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Made with Love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and I'm starting to plan and gather goodies for the big day. One of my favorite things to do is to decorate small paper bags and fill each one with my recipients' favorite candies. Many craft stores sell paper bags in a variety of colors, not just brown or white! Other times, I'll make handcrafted cards with a special treat attached. For some ideas, check out http://familyfun.go.com/valentines-day/valentines-

For the eco-conscious valentine, try making cards from recycled papers or supplies you already have at home, such as old magazines and greeting cards. Who says a valentine has to be made of paper, either? Heart-shaped cookies frosted with a special message make for a delicious valentine.

Another eco-friendly option is sending an e-card, which is also great for friends and family who live far away. Find cool e-cards for free at http://kids.yahoo.com/ecards and http://wwf.worldwildlife.org/site/Page


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